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Go For EVA!

Educational Videotape Series

Image from the videotape

Go For EVA! is from the Liftoff to Learning Educational Videotape Series, which allows students to study science, mathematics, and technology with crew members aboard Space Shuttle flights.

Go For EVA! discusses how spacesuits protect astronauts from the hostile space environment, explains what the components of the spacesuit are, describes how the suit functions, and shows what types of work astronauts perform while spacewalking. Actual footage of spacewalks- also known as Extravehicular Activties (EVAs)- illustrate how spacesuits allow astronauts to operate scientific apparatus, assemble equipment and structures, pilot the Manned Maneuvering Unit, take pictures, and service satellites and space hardware.

Length: 13:48

Image from the videotape Go for EVA! of the Liftoff To Learning Videotape Series.

To obtain a copy of the Go For EVA! videotape and accompanying Video Resource Guide, or for more information on the Liftoff to Learning Educational Videotape Series, contact your local Educator Resource Center or the NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE). You can also view Go For EVA! in Real Video on the web at: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/space/photos/videos/eva.ram

Grade Level



Technology Education, Life Sciences, Physical Science, History

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