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NASA Spacesuit

Test Apparatus

In addition to laboratory versions of the testing apparatus described in the Teacher Tech Briefs, NASA spacesuit engineers also employ the apparatus shown on this page.

description under photo description under photo
Mechanical Boot Tester  Checks boot performance with a walking motion.
description under photo
Bearing Tester Bearings and other joints are subjected to simulated lunar sediment to find out if the sediment degrades their performance. The wrist bearing inside the unit is rotated as simulated lunar sediment is poured over it. The white device in the tester is a windshield wiper motor that rotates the bearing
Spacesuit Robot The forces required to move suit arms and legs when the suit is pressurized are measured with this specialized robot. The robot is placed inside a suit. A gasket seals the neck of the suit. The suit is then pressurized through the robot's "head." Joints in the arm and leg of the black side of the robot are bent on command and the forces are measured. The white side of the robot is non-functioning. Only one side of the robot is needed for data and the white side serves only as balance.description at right description under photo

Sleeve and Leg Tester Inflated segments of sleeves and legs are bent repeatedly by this device.

<- Waist Bearing Tester The waist bearing is placed through a series of bends by this device.

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