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A Teacher's Guide with Activities In Science, Mathematics, and Technology

Educational Product
Teachers Grades K-12

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Office of Human Resources and Education
Education Division
Washington, DC

jsc education working group logo

Education Working Group
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

This publication is in the Public Domain
and is not protected by copyright.
Permission is not required for duplication.

February 1996

How To Use This Guide
Brief History of Rockets
Rocket Principles
Practical Rocketry
Activity Matrix
Pop Can Hero Engine
Rocket Car
3-2-1 Pop!
Antacid Tablet Race
Paper Rockets
Newton Car
Balloon Staging
Rocket Transportation
Altitude Tracking
Bottle Rocket Launcher
Bottle Rocket
Project X-35
Additional Extensions
NASA Educational Materials
Suggested Reading
Electronic Resources for Educators
NASA Educational Resources
NASA Teacher Resource Center Network
Evaluation Reply Card

This publication was developed for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration with the assistance of hundreds of teachers in the Texas Region IV area and educators of the Aerospace Education Services Program, Oklahoma State University.


Deborah A. Shearer
Gregory L. Vogt, Ed.D.

Teaching From Space Program
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX


Carla B. Rosenberg
Teaching From Space Program
NASA Headquarters
Washington, DC

Special Thanks to

Timothy J. Wickenheiser
Chief, Advanced Mission Analysis Branch
NASA Lewis Research Center

Gordon W. Eskridge
Aerospace Education Specialist
Oklahoma State University

All sections of the Rockets Teacher's Guide are available to download using Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.   Spacer        

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