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Liftoff to Learning Resource Guides

Written guides accompany the
Liftoff to Learning video series

Videos may be viewed using free RealPlayer or
ordered in VHS format through NASA CORE


Guide 1 Microgravity

Guide 2 From Undersea to Outer Space

Guide 3 Geography From Space

Guide 4 Mathematics of Space- Rendevzous

Guide 5 Newton in Space

Guide 6 Tethered Satellite Parts 1 & 2

Guide 7 Toys in Space 2

Guide 8 The Atmosphere Below

Guide 9 Space Basics

Guide 10 Voyage of the Endeavour- Then and Now

Guide 11 Assignment: Spacelab!

Guide 12 Let's Talk Robotics

Guide 13 Living in Space

Guide 14 Go For EVA!

Guide 15 All Systems Go!

RealPlayer option


    Buying videos option


  • If you desire higher quality resolution than the RealPlayer videos, you may order them in the VHS format
  • Videos may be purchased individually at $10-$16 per video or the entire 13 part series can be purchased for $48 from NASA CORE by check, money order, school purchase order, VISA or Mastercard number and expiration date to:


    • NASA Central Operation of Resources for Education
      Lorain County JVS NASA COR
      15181 Rt.58 South
      Oberlin, OH 44074
      Tel: (440) 775-1400
      Fax: (440) 775-1460
      E-mail: nasaco@leeca.org

The entire Liftoff to Learning Resource Guides are available to download from SpaceLink under the Educational Videotapes category using Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.


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