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Teachers' Lounge


Lesson Plans

Female Frontiers Instructional material designed for the special project that highlights Mission STS-93 in which Eileen Collins became the first woman shuttle commander.

Liftoff to Learning
A video series offered by NASA's Education Division and Johnson Space Flight Center's Flight Crew Operations Directorate

A Teacher's Guide with 16 Activities in Science, Mathematics and Technology

Designing Recreational Equipment for Microgravity
Designing Recreational Equipment for Microgravity

Additionally available through NASA:

ISS Crew Return Vehicle: X-38:
Learn about this emergency return vehicle and construct a parafoil similiar to the one that will be used for the X-38 (for grades 5-8).

Rocket Lessons:
Fourteen classroom activities about rockets; includes rocket principles and history

Suited for Spacewalking
Teacher's Guide
: emphasizing technology education and mathematics, the new guide has activities and information relating to the International Space Station.

Links to Other Related Curriculum Helps

Space Day: is an entertaining and interactive place to have fun while learning some basic facts about space and space flight. It is also a link to help you in making plans to observe Space Day (May 4, 2000) with your students.

STELLAR Activities for the K-14 Classroom: includes astronaut training, cardiovascular, and planetary geology activities.

3-2-1 Liftoff: NASA Educator Guide for Pre-K through 2nd grade focuses on activities about the International Space Station and the role rockets play in its construction.

PUMAS: Practical Uses of Math and Science (PUMAS) is an on-line journal of math and science examples for pre-college education.

Connecting with Other Teachers

Discussion List
This is an email forum for teachers to discuss a wide variety of issues, concerns, teaching strategies, useful resources, project collaboration opportunities, and suggestions. Be sure your email address is reflected in the From area.

Fellow Teachers Can Help
Mentors: folks who've been successful using similar projects in real classrooms

Online Mailing Lists
Here you sign up to receive regular updates about the STO project through e-mail. Send an email to: listmanager@quest.arc.nasa.gov
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