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Liftoff to Learning Videos

Videos may be viewed using free RealPlayer
Click on the resource guide link to get additional information concerning each video

photo of astronaut eating in space

Living in Space

Space travelers in orbit above the Earth eat, work, exercise, relax, maintain hygiene, and sleep. The only significant differences from living on Earth are that they operate in the confines of the space shuttle and all objects inside the cabin float. (1994, 10 min) resource guide
photo of astronauts walking in space

Go for EVA

The reasons for wearing space suits during the space walking missions, how space suits work and the kinds of jobs astronauts perform while space walking are explained. (1991, 14 min) resource guide
drawing of lungs

All Systems Go

This video discusses the reasons for and demonstrates some of the physiologic changes that occur in the human body while in the microgravity environment. (1992, 34 min) resource guide
descriptive of experiments in space


Decribes restrictions that gravity imposes on scientific experiments and how these restrictions can be reduced in the environment of microgravity. (1996, 24 min) resource guide
cartoon drawing of jellyfish

From Undersea to Outer Space

Jellyfish were the subject of an experiment on Spacelab Life Sciences 1. This video shows how microgravity affects the developing jellyfish. (1994, 16 min) resource guide
view of Earth from space

Geography From Space

The crew of the STS-59 Space Shuttle mission provide viewers of this video with an astronaut's eye view of some of the interesting features of Earth's continents. (1994, 10 min) resource guide
math figures on chalk board

Mathematics of Space- Redezous

The objective of this video is to invite students to work out some of the fundamental equations Shuttle crews use for rendezvous. (1995, 17 min) resource guide
cartoon graphic of elephant

Newton in Space

Computer graphics and visual demonstrations of Newton's Laws of Motion in Space. (1991, 13 min) resource guide
picture of satellite

Tethered Satellite Part 1

Manipulating a satellite on a tether from the orbiter is a unique engineering challenge. Because gravity, centrifugal acceleration, and atmospheric drag vary with altitude, each of the two bodies in a tethered system is subject to different influences. (1995, 22 min) resource guide
picture of satelite

Tethered Satellite Part 2

Demonstrates that tethered satellites will generate an electric current as they pass through Earth's magnetic field. (1995, 18 min) resource guide
picture of a fish

Toys in Space 2

Determines how 23 different toys perform in microgravity. (1993, 38 min) resource guide
picture of Earth

The Atmosphere Below

Changes in the Earth's atmosphere are investigated from outer space aboard the space shuttle. (1992, 16 min) resource guide
drawing of space craft

Space Basics

Answers four basic questions: How do space craft travel in space? How do they remain in orbit and return to Earth? Why do astronauts float in space? (1991, 20 min) resource guide
photo of statue of sea captain

Voyage of the Endeavour- Then and Now

Comparison of the vessels and voyages of the sea-going Endeavor and the Space Shuttle Endeavor. (1992, 19 min) resource guide
photo of astronaut walking in space

Assignment: Spacelab!

Answers questions about the human body's physiological responses to microgravity and readaption to gravity. (1993, 16 min) resource guide
photo of robot

Let's Talk Robotics

 Explores several of NASA's robotic applications. (1997, 15 min) resource guide



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