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Space and Technology Studies
West Middle School
7th Annual Space Camp Experience
May, 2001

students receiving briefing

students in room listening & taking notes

students sitting and waiting

As the years of sharing this trip with students roll by, I find that I continue to experience new things, see awesome sights and gain insight and knowledge from the adventure. This year was especially sweet for me because I was able to take my own middle school child on this ultimate field trip. Much of the excitement and pride I had in her going with us was due to the amount of effort she put into going on this trip. Each student on this trip is required to participate in the activities fund raising and otherwise prior to the trips actual occurrence. This year as with many of my past years I was reminded of how many intricate elements are required to create maintain and sustain a manned space flight program. This year I saw the Shuttle’s SRB (solid rocket booster) cargo container being barged down the intercoastal waterway. I saw the Shuttle’s crawler parked on the crawlerway in a most grand position in relation to the VAB (vehicle assembly building) giving perspective and magnitude to both of these giants in human dreams and accomplishment. I was able after many years to actually give these mountain kids their first ever beach picnic. Many dreams were met many new dreams were born. We all grew some, cried some and learned lots. Mostly we had the adventure that will live in our mind's eye far into our future. Dreams are after all what reality is woven from. I am always haunted by the great quote from one of my scientific heroes Sir Isaac Newton, "If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Read and enjoy these students essays that chronicle their space camp experiences. Also enjoy the images of these future scientists and astronauts.

Ranganath Weiner
Program Director
Space and Technology Studies
Colorado Springs, Colorado
May, 2001

Student reports:

Space Station Mobility Trainer (SSMT)

3-D 360 Degree X-77 Flight Simulator

4-G F-16 Centripetal Force Simulator

Astronaut Hall of Fame

Five Degrees of Freedom

Orbital Mechanics Simulator

Multi-Axis Space Test Inertia Facility (MASTIF)

1/6th Gravity Moon Walker Simulator

Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU)

Student Journals

The VAB and a Real Astronaut, by Gabby
Big Rockets in Space, by Ricky
The VAB What a Sight to See, by Ana W
My Kennedy Experience, by Ana P
My Kennedy Space Center Tour, by Keith
Zero to 5,000 in Two and a Half Minutes, by Cole
Ten Years of Memories, by Danny
All About Rockets, by Eric
My Kennedy Trip, by K.J.
The Space Race, by Robert
Returning as an Astronaut, by Michael
Seeing it All, by Justin
Space History, by Ashley
Mining O2 on the Moon, by Mel
Once in a Lifetime, by Steven
Shuttle Facts, by Camille
Space Memories, by Crosby
My Favorite Rocket, The Saturn V, by Liam
I Will Never Forget Kennedy Space Center, by Britta
Saturn V Double Take, by Joe
Fun Packed Time a the Kennedy Space Center. by Aaron


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