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U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama

International Space Camp is designed to provide students and educators from around the world the opportunity to share ideas, hopes and dreams for future cooperative space and educational ventures. With endorsements from such world leaders as former Vice President Dan Quayle, former England Prime Minister Margared Thatcher and retired astronaut John Glenn, the program's beginning was earmarked for success. Beginning in 1990 with 20 countries participating, the program has grown in both recognition and attendance. One such accomplishment is the formation of the International Space Education Initiative document. The goal of this document is to inspire educators to structure different ways in which we, as a unified world, can use "space" across the curriculum to inspire and teach the world's youth.

 rear view of shuttle

 shuttle assembly on display at space camp

 In 1992, ISC took on a new dimension with the inclusion of the United States Teachers of the Year. Representing all 50 states and U.S. territories, these superlative representatives of America's educational
community enhanced the overall experience for all participants.

This year's program emphasizes the importance of the manned space program, and also reiterates the need for environmental awareness and care.

 photo of capsule

Much like the"Mission to Planet Earth" program, which is a NASA endeavor, our program will focus on the knowledge gained from land and space-based research in an effort to better acquaint students and educators with the responsibilities necessary in protecting the future of our planet.

Alabama's Governor, Fob James, supported this educational program by issuing the eighth official proclamation, naming the week of July 24-August 02, 1997 as International Space Education Week.

Participants will experience astronaut training, perform simulated Space Shuttle missions (utilizing Space Station Freedom), tour NASA's Marshall Space Fligh Center, and study crew systems, Space Shuttle operations and rocketry. Renown guest speakers and lecturers will highlight the week's emphasis on the environment and earth.
 rear view of rocket



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