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A Short Essay About My Dream Of Space

by 13-year-old Maryam from Bahrain

I've always dreamed of a dream, that would lead me to discover the truth about something. And, I found it. When I was maybe 10 years -old, I started thinking of "Life." How life works, and the circumstances that are too sophisticated for me to understand in that age. Couple of months later, the word "Life" led me to the word "Life." Not our lives, but some creatures other than things on earth. One year later I thought of "Space." Space, a whole big thing which no one knows its size, and its mass. That second, there was a crisis, that no one knew about. The crisis was: Was there life on other planets, or just in space? I surfed the net, read magazines, and just asked people.

On the net, there was no sign of answers or conclusions why there might not be lives in space. Magazines, media didn't consider "Space" as movies or singers, or even computers. People, very complicated, but ambitious creatures, thought it was silly to even THINK of these things. A guy told me whan I asked about his opinion of finding lives in space:" Darling, how about going to the movies?" When adults tell us children to think of the future, what future do they want us to think off? The future of getting straight A's and then being a business man or woman?? The future of being the most respectful, kindest, and coolest person???? Our future is the future of finding a safe home, pure water, and wise thinking people! What do I mean by that? Well, I mean we should at least have a standby planet, standby shelter, and a standby person.

    Standby planet: any planet that could cover our needings of weather, and maybe oxygen.
    Stand - by shelter: enough water and food.
    Stand - by person: people who CAN think...not people who just want to relax and have everything ready for them.
Do you get it now??

That's what we should try our best on. I'm 13 years-old, and I tell you I'm not having the GREATEST teenage life! Do you know why? Because at school I sometimes am called a "NERD,", because I THINK of space, because I'm desinging ships that can take us to planets. A teenager never enjoys things like this at all, but I do. I know there are a lot of teens around the world, who're afraid of making the move that I made. They're practically ashamed. But, I'll never be, and no one can make me be. You know what you teenagers, you people, I'm suffering for all the people who ONLY think of themselves, and not their precious LIVES. No, why should I say they're precious. They don't care about their precious lives, so why should I? They never cared about us suffering people in the first place!!

I know even by this message across the world, I might not make a difference. But, I sure have taken a lot of sad, and terrible thoughts of my heart. I've written too long, but there is one thing I have to say. "Everyone on earth is responsible of his life, the life that god gave you, to take care of. Maybe, no one will think of space. But when a crisis strikes earth, and there is nothing you can do about it...remember me...remember people who suffered for you ruiners...but please don't regret what you did, because it's YOU who did it, by YOUR will and NO one else's!"


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