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Junior Journals

Space Camp, California

The Bunks Here are Nice

by 11-year-old Phillip, 6th Grade
Payload Specialist I
April 01, 1997

I learned about Space Camp from T.V. I became interested from looking at constellations. I also got good grades, like A's B's and C's. I had a nice graduation before going to sixth grade.

What I've Done So Far

We usually get up at 7:00 in the morning. We have an hour to get dressed. We draw circles or squares on the ground with chalk and meet at these at 8:00 a.m. The team talks about future mission or we have team talks at breakfast. After that we do about 5 or 6 activities, have lunch, do another 5 activities, eat dinner, and then go to bed. It's non-stop everyday, and no rest. But it's fun.

We 've done missions in space camp. We learn about the orbiters; space history; space food; and suits; how food is made for the space shuttle; and about oxygen. Each of the [student] teams constructs a space station from our imagination. We get to do the missions and other things, like build rockets.

I was the payload specialist #1 on the mission, out of #2 and #3. Mission specialists 2 and 3 do the experiments [on the missions.] The pilot is the commander in charge of the trip, like the GCO for the ship Atlantis.

There are plants on the shuttle with hydroponics in a zero gravity [environment]. They put astronauts on the Multi-axis trainer in order for them to see what it's like to move around in different directions in space. The "1/6 Chair" teaches us about moon walks and gravity.

What I Like About Space Camp

The bunks here are nice, and there are lots of NASA things. The other students are friendly. The gift shop has good stuff, too. It has a lot of the things I like and want.

I like everything I've done and think everything is the most fun. I think Space Camp is helpful and I would recommend it to other kids.

What I'd Like to Do in the Future

I would like to be an astronaut, get a flying degree and get into the Air Force. If I'm not good enough to get into the Air Force, I would like to be in Mission Control. I'd like to go to Harvard, Notre Dame, or Stanford because I've heard they are pretty good. I think it would be neat to go to an Irish school like Notre Dame.


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