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Junior Journals

Space Camp, California

My Second Time at Space Camp

by Jacki D.
April 01, 1997

This is my second time at Space Camp. My sister went to Space Academy in Florida. She made friends from Denmark there and has kept in touch. When I got here I found a friend from school that I didn't know was going to be here and there is a boy from her class too. I'm in sixth grade in Middle School.

I was the INCO on the Mission. INCO is part of Mission Control and I tell the public what is happening with the Mission. I wore a head set and said things like the External Tank has separated. The mission went okay. People were repeating themselves sometime.

My Favorite Simulators

My favorite simulator was the 1/6 chair or moon chair. You try three walks: the slow motion jog the bunny hop, and the side shuffle. There is a messed up slinky on the floor and you try to pick it up. Its hard to do because I jumped too far.

Another simulator is the Multi-axis trainer. Sometimes they have this at county fairs. Here you can tell them if you want to go faster and it's fun. They have a spin chair too. It's blue and you go around and around and then you try to grab a stick that is dropped through your hand and I think I was slower after I rode the simulator.

When I grow up I want to be an astronaut, I think. I'm not sure.


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