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Story by 8-year-old Ishdeep

On earth the scientist found that a black hole was heading to earth. But they never knew when it was coming. Timmy Jordan invented a bomb that sucks in the black hole. They worked on the spacecraft. 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 BLAST OF these are the people who are going to the mission. Ben, Bob and Sam. It was hard. Just the day they left a giant peace fell down. It was heading to earth. . They left right now. They went around it. Sam died. His spacecraft got hit at the last moment. The journey continued with two people. Power is running out. It was really bad. They shot a bomb. Never worked. They had 5 hours and 50 minutes. 10,00000! Of people on earth were watching on television. A part from the giant peace and went ahead. BAM! It hit earth. It was the little peace that hit earth. Most of the plants were dead. They landed on the peace. Ben got the giant drilling machine out. Bob was drilling. 10 SECONDS MISSION FAILED. Only Asia is the only ones who could see it in the sky. But they could not see why it was not coming down to hit them. Ben and Bob quickly on a switch on their shoes. The captain of N.A.S.A. said what’s going on. No answer. But they’re alive and Sam is dead. We’re sending rainforcemen right now. Twelve hours later the captain contact the reinforcements. But they were out of site. The captain went on code mode. He put in all codes. In no time he had the satellite on his control. Then the captain went to the washroom. While he was in the washroom satellite was still going. When he came out there was a sound. It was the computer. It had found. He saw Ben and Bob standing on front of a black hole with their gravity shoes. It was all over the world. Ben and Bob got in the plane and went back to earth as fast as they never even imagined. They reached to earth in time. Few weeks later the people in Asia couldn’t see the giant peace of mars. Then everyone looked up and there was there the black hole that’s good because Timmy was in lab and shoot some thing that sucked the black hole instead and everyone from space came back including Sam.


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