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Jaqui Forney's
fourth-grade students from Oregon

Newspaper articles written as part of a 3-week unit on Progress in Space Exploration focused on John Glenn and the progress that was made in space exploration between his two space flights.

NASA News:

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The year is 1962. John H. Glenn has just made history by being the first American to orbit the Earth. Here's what our top writers have to say about the story.

The first time he went up, he was 40. The second time he went up, he was 77. His spaceship was the Friendship 7. He went around the Earth three times. He landed in the ocean. A ship spotted him and he made it home. --Kris

The launch was difficult for him, but he still made it back. In three hours, he had trouble handling the controls. He is famous. He made history by being the first American to orbit the Earth. His name is John Glenn. (And that was the broadcast, good day). --Ryan

When John Glenn launched up into space, he could have died, but he didn't. His family named his spacecraft Friendship 7. He was the first American man to go into space to orbit the Earth. When he launched, some parts of the spacecraft came off. Then the main part of the spacecraft went into space. But at last he landed safely without dying. --Katty

Glenn Goes to Space: John Glenn launched off into space today. It was a great day for the American people. We got to talk to John Glenn yesterday. Here's what he said, "I don't consider myself a hero. I just went to space for the American people". John Glenn is a great man. He's nice. He's funny and does nice things for us. We all hope he has a great time in space. --Cassandra

He left on February 20, 1962 and came back the same day. It took him five hours. It was the biggest thing in the world. The spaceship was called Friendship 7. He is still the best. He circled the world three times in almost five hours. He was the first American man to orbit the Earth. --Michelle

When he lifted off it was February 20, 1962. The spaceship was named by him. Now that is cool. The spacecraft was cone shaped. Only one man can fit in the spaceship. That's probably why he was the only man who went. The spaceship did not have a computer. It only had one window. --Courtney

John H. Glenn was very brave to go to space. The spacecraft he went in, the Friendship 7, was named after his family. John Glenn was in space for 4 hours and 55 minutes. The craft was 6 feet, 10 inches. Friendship 7 orbited the Earth three times. --Raimey


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