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Second Grade teacher,
Pat Farley accompanied students from

Churchville Elementary School, Pennsylvania

To attend the launch of STS-95
Below they share they're journals

First grader, A.J. Tus writes:

October 28
When I woke up, I went to the Kennedy Space Center. I learned that the KSC is a wildlife reserve. I saw alligators, 3 bald eagles, and a bald eagle nest. I saw the processing building. This is where the space shuttles get processed for their next mission. They do not paint the rocket orange because the paint weighs 650 pounds. We did not go to the launch pad because of the fuel.

John Glenn will take termites into space. I hope he survives in space. I went to three movies. The best was "The Dream Is Alive".

October 29
When I woke up, I went to the space shuttle launch. I like John Glenn very, very much. I hope that he does not die in space. The reason I like John Glenn is that he is the oldest astronaut and the first person to orbit the earth. And he is brave. The space shuttle contains many dangerous fuels. I hope this historical moment will last. I talked to our principal (Mr. Reid) and looked out at the shuttle on launch pad #39B with Mrs. Farley's binoculars that I borrowed. We were 5 miles away but it didn't matter. We saw Air Force One and everyone got up. The launch looked like a shooting star but instead of coming from the sky to the earth, it looked like it was coming from the earth to the moon. Everybody cheered.

I dressed up as an astronaut for Halloween.


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