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Space Poem

Dedicated to NASA from 12 year old Chad

As they work around the clock,
 They examine stuff like moon rocks, 
 They're the ones, and our technology,
 What their doing is making history,
 They go to the moon and fix satallites,
 and just hanging out star gazing in the night,
 Someday maybe I'll do the same, if it's not to late,
 but for now I'll just have to wait.

About Chad

My name is Chad Pinckney I live in Utah and love space, I've loved space every since I can remember . It's just cool to know that there are many things out there that we don't know about.... Anyway, I have one brother three sisters, and some step brother and sisters that live in Australia. I play lots of sports including, baseball, basketball, football, golf ect. I like motorcycle riding and star gazing too. My favorite subjects in school are probably Science and Reading. I don't know if I'll ever be living in a space station. It would be pretty cool though, I hope someday that I'll be able to go up there and tell what the world looks like from space. I'd love to work for NASA someday, I'm also interested in acting, and being a recording artist. with my group, "Shadz of Blue". Space is a wonderful place to explore, keep your dreams alive and remember, reach for the stars.


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