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Kids at Work

A visit to KSC!, a Photo Journal. Also see the student essays.

Brittany joins dad at his very special work on Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

Students from Panamá, Colombia and Argentina join in the International Space Week chat

Mount Sterling Elementary School involvement in STARSHINE project featured in the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader

Canadian Student Space Station Simulator St. Peter High School students gear up for the "Payette Mission", which will celebrate Canadian Julie Payette's visit to the ISS aboard STS-96 (May '99)

Students from Bowral Primary School, Australia create web pages from JFK! as they visit for the launch of STS-96

Students from Bowral Primary School in Australia plan to travel to launch in May 1999.

Usha Kothari's students are featured in and Arizona newspaper for their Shuttle Simulation

Chris Rowan's students demonstrate how to do a Shuttle Launch Simulation


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