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Interactive How-to

A page designed to help you participate in NASA Quest events.

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How to participate in a QuestChat: NASA Quest's Internet Chats
Everything you need to participate exists online.

  • Register to attend: Most chats require that you register. Pick a meaningful handle like George/KennedySchool (notice no spaces) and a password you can remember. You will be asked for your email address. Once you have registered for one chat you may use this same login and password to register for other chats. Detailed instructions for registering

  • Prepare yourself and your class ahead of time in consideration for the expert who is devoting time to reply. Research by reading their online profiles and journals.

  • Come to the chat prepared to exchange questions and answers, not only with the expert but with other chatters. Read what is already posted so you don't duplicate an already answered question.

  • The room will look like the picture below. It's easy as long as you remember that the page does not refresh automatically.

    a picture of the chat room

  • Many chats are moderated. That means that you may not see the question you posted in the main room right away. Please do not re-post. All questions are held in a queue and fed into the room by hand.

    More detailed directions for chatting

    forum icon

    How to participate in a QuestForum: NASA Quest's Extended Chats

    A forum uses the same type of room as a chat. The difference is primarily that questions and answers do not happen in real time. There is a specified period of time in which questions are accepted in the chat room, and the expert visits periodically to respond as time permits. All questions that are answered will appear in the archive of the event.

    webcast icon

    How to participate in a Webcast: a Learning Technologies Channel video event

    NASA Quest's Webcasts allow you to interact with a live video/audio presentation from your desktop. You will view the event in a special video window, and respond by typing into a chat room like the one above.

    If you have not done this before, you will want to plan ahead:

  • First you will need to Download and install the free RealPlayer.
    (The application program that allows you to hear or watch the events.)
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the RealPlayer on your computer, it's wise try it out before the day of the event.
  • You may also want to Test these MultiMedia tools prior to the event.

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