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Teacher's Desk

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    Shuttle Aeronautics

    Woman's Work

    Cmdr Collins

    drawing of shuttle launching

  • Welcome to the Teacher's desk! Have a seat and get comfortable. You have lots of things to look at here. You will find many useful items on the desk. There are the typical organizational and informational features, such as the Daily Lesson Planner and a synopsis of how these materials correlate to the National Standards.

    Along with this overview, these will orient you quickly to the print materials that can be found at this site. The instructional materials located here are designed for use in a 4th through 8th grade classroom. They are cross-curricular in nature so that a teacher can engage students with the subject matter from language arts to mathematics. It also includes a mini-literature unit using the picture book Ruth Law Thrills a Nation by Don Brown. As you prepare your materials and lesson plans, engage your students in an internet-based introduction to this curriculum called Female Frontiers Internet Workshop.

    The Instructional Materials are divided into the following 4 sections:

    Each section contains cross-curricular activities that can be used in the classroom with your students. All the activities can be found in the Student Handouts sub-section on the Teacher's Desk in the form of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. These PDF files can be downloaded and printed out on your printer. These files consist of student activity sheets, student readings, student guide sheets and student worksheets that can be used to complement the information and activities found at this site.

    The section Shuttle Aeronautics introduces students to the basic aeronautical science involved with the orbiter's flight. The students become familiar with the orbiter's structure, parts and control surfaces. The students perform a hands-on science exploration of the orbiter's control surfaces, and a mathematical activity involving glide slope is introduced. A typical flight scenario of a shuttle mission is displayed, and a mathematical activity dealing with payload weight is also offered.

    Woman's Work is an entire section dedicated to a social science approach to women's roles in the American workplace. As mission STS-93 is a groundbreaking flight in that it is the first flight commanded by a female flight commander, it is fitting that focus is given to how women continue to re-define their roles in the workplace. This section includes a chart called"Continuity and Change in Her Work" that displays the type of work women have performed during the last 100 years. This chart is followed by guide sheets to help with group discussions, guidesheets to assist with individual reflection and other interactions addressing the emerging and evolving roles of women in the American workforce.

    The fourth section, Commander Collins focuses not only on this groundbreaking female flight commander of a space shuttle mission, but also involves students in the recognition of the women in their own families. Other activities deal with the importance of setting goals, and relate the steps that Commander Collins followed to become a shuttle commander. The students also get a glimpse of the kind of duties a shuttle commander has on such a mission. In addition students can connect in a personal way to this mission by familiarizing themselves with the personal kit that each astronaut carries with him/her during the mission. Students then react to this by creating their own personal preference kit. Students will also be able to engage in online chats and interviews with key personnel involved with this mission.

    All in all, we know you'll find these materials useful as well as easy to implement in your classroom.

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