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How to Compute Average Speed

1. Write a fraction using the Total Distance to touchdown point as the numerator and the Flight Time as the denominator.
2. Average speed is written as a unit rate. To find the unit rate, divide the denominator in to the numerator. If necessary, round the decimal to the nearest hundredths place. Label your answer with inches/second)
3. Ask the mission specialist to write this number on the Landing Data Collection Sheet.


If the Total Distance to touchdown point is 90 inches, and the Flight Time is 8 seconds, the fraction would be 90/8.

1. Find the average speed by dividing the denominator in to the numerator:

illustration of 90 divided by 8

If you are using a calculator, type the numerator number first:

division symbolsymbol
= symbol

The average speed is 11.25 in/sec.

Practice finding the average speed using the following fractions:

additional practice problems

Answer Key

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