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Space Shuttle Glider Activity - Student Information

1. You are to construct a space shuttle glider which is reduced to a scale of 1cm:300cm compared to the actual U.S. Space Shuttle orbiter. There are Instructions for Building the Space Shuttle Glider that will guide you step-by-step through the process.
2. You will be assigned to a team of 3 or 4 people where you will rotate positions as the pilot, copilot, Mission Control Center, and Mission Specialist for each landing. Find out what each person does on the Team Members and their Roles Sheet.
3. Using a constructed landing site, you will re-enact the landing procedure. Remember to take turns being the pilot, copilot, Mission Control Center, and Mission Specialist. If you have only 3 people in your group, the Mission Control Center will be the Mission Specialist at the same time.
4. When you are the Mission Specialist, be sure you have the pilot's Landing Data Collection Sheet. You are in charge of recording the data for the pilot on his/her Landing Data Collection Sheet.
5. When you are the pilot, be sure to give your Landing Data Collection Sheet to the Mission Specialist.
6. There is a Math Worksheet of Prerequisite Knowledge that each team member must complete. It will assist you in completing the Landing Data Collection Sheet.
7. There are other aids to help you complete the Landing Data Collection Sheet:
- How to Compute Glide Slope
- How to Compute Flight Time
- How to Compute Average Speed
- Table for Determining Glide Slope
8. After you've completed the Landing Data Collection Sheet, you will use your numbers for the Glide Slope and Average Speed to create a scatter plot. There are two handouts to help you:
- Purpose of a Scatter Plot
- How to Create a Scatter Plot
9. Finally, your group will have the opportunity to share your results with the class and help create a class-wide scatter plot.

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