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Space Team Online QuestChat

Date: February 24, 2000
Featuring: Tony Bruins
System Engineer/Integrator
NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

last read Fri Feb 25 12:49:32 2000

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 2 - 10:39:12 ]
Hello to our early arriving chat participants. Today's Black History Month/National Engineers' Week chat with Tony Bruins from NASA Johnson Space Center will begin in about 20 minutes. Be sure you have read Tony's profile at http://quest.nasa.gov/space/team/bruins.html to prepare your questions.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 3 - 10:40:14 ]
Today's chat may be MODERATED to help Tony keep up with our questions. This means a few questions will be posted and appear in the chat room at a time.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 4 - 10:41:45 ]
DON'T WORRY if you don't see your questions in the chat room immediately during moderation. We will post a few questions every few minutes.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 5 - 10:44:26 ]
At the conclusion of today's chat, be sure to visit our NASA QuestChat Information Center at http://quest.nasa.gov/qchats. We look forward to hearing from you today!

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 10 - 11:12:24 ]
RE: [Aztecs] Hi, my name is Elizabeth Vazquez, i'm a junior in montgomery high school. I would like to ask you a couple of questions about yourself and about your job.
What are your questions?

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 12 - 11:13:34 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] hi, my name is elizabeth and i'm a junior in montgomery high school.
Welcome, Elizabeth. Tony Bruins is now online to answer your questions.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 16 - 11:21:44 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] what advice would you give kids today?
I would tell kids to "always believe in yourself and be the best that you can be." Do not worry about what others can do. Stay focused and "do the best that you can do." I would also tell kids to use your imagination and visualize how you would solve a challenge. I would also tell kids that they should not be afraid to fail because every time you fail you will learn something. The key is to fail fast so that you can find out what worked and what did not work. All great inventors know that "failure" is just a part of the learning process on their way to discoveries.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 17 - 11:22:51 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] how long did it take you to be in the position your in right now?
It has taken me 15 years to get were I am today.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 18 - 11:23:13 ]
Some background on Tony Bruins: most of Tony Bruins' time is spent in the Advanced Projects and Analysis Office developing state-of-the-art technology. His work and innovations support flight controllers in the Mission Control Center (MCC). His job is to generate new ideas, develop new systems, and integrate them to work together to support mission operations.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 19 - 11:23:32 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] how old are you? (please only answer this if you want to)
I am 39 years old and will be 40 years old April 6, 2000.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 25 - 11:32:29 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] last night my dad told me i was a mistake, at that moment my dreams came crushing down what can i do? i feel like i dont belong here
I will tell you that there are no mistakes, only miracles. God does not make mistakes. Always think positive and learn to look at anything negative in a positive light. There are no mistakes, just surprises. Learn to think differently and prove to yourself that there are no mistakes; only miracles.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 26 - 11:35:06 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] what advice can you give me
Believe in yourself Elizabeth. Know that you are perfect and beautiful. Keep your mind focused on the positive things in life and continue to dream and have a vision because without a vision, people will perish. Let know one take away your dreams because they are your dreams.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 28 - 11:37:01 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] if you got the chance to go to outerspace, would you have to go back to school to study to be an astronaut?
If I had the opportunity to go to space, I would not have to go back to school. I would be a apart of the astronaut corp. and begin training for a mission.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 29 - 11:39:26 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] do you have any regrets about your choice of career?
I have no regrets about my career. It has definitely been challenging, different, intense, enlightening, daring, risky, etc.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 32 - 11:46:01 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] what's the best part of youre job that you love?
I like the fact that my boss gives me the freedom to be creative and innovative and new ideas are welcome. That is very important to an innovator. I like the challenges that must be solved relative to building a new spacesuit.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 39 - 11:55:17 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] was it hard to go to college and work at the same time?
It was very hard working and going to college. Matter of fact, I worked two jobs and took a full load of classes. Elizabeth, you cannot be afraid of the fact that you may have to work and go to school. It depends on how bad you want your degree. I wanted my degree because I knew that it would help me to get a decent job in the future. So, I do not accept people giving me excuses why they cannot work and go to school. It depends on how bad that person wants to provide a better future for their children. I grew up in the ghetto and I had no where to go but up because I did not want to rear my family in the environment that I grew up in. I felt that my children deserved better so I did what I had to do and made the necessary sacrifices. Of course it was hard, but anything worth having does not come easy. Elizabeth, no one is going to give you anything is this world. You must work and acquire it yourself. That way it means so much more to you and no one can take away the things that you have earned. Be unafraid and believe in yourself. Anything your mind can conceive, you can achieve if you believe.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 41 - 11:57:35 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] can you say that your a workaholic?
No, I am not a workaholic. I just do what I have to do to get the job done. It that means 12-14 hours, then that is what I must do. Remember, excuses for not getting the job done are unacceptable in the real world.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 43 - 11:58:31 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] do you have a family of your own?
I have a daughter, two sons, and five pit bull dogs.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 45 - 12:06:03 ]
RE: [Elizabeth-Aztecs/MontgomeryHigh] i have a dog name doll, i forget what her race is, well anyways i try to teach her to go outside to do her busines but she still dosent understand, what can i do to make her understand?
The first thing you need to do is acquire a crate(cage) for you dog. You cannot give a dog the entire house because she will mark her territory. Also, by crating her you will develop a pattern of behavior. The pattern will be based on the fact when she comes out the crate, she goes directly outside to do her business. As she gets older, she will not do her business in the crate because dogs will not do their business where they sleep. Also, you need to feed her quality food (Science Diet). Cheap food will make her go to the restroom more. Another thing you need to do is put her on schedule to control the input and output. No food after 7:00 p.m. Take her outside first thing in the morning, when you come home, before you go to bed, after a car ride, after a bath, and after playing. When she goes outside and does her business, praise her in the act with a "good girl." Try that daily and let me know how things work out for you.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 46 - 12:07:16 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] have you met any famouse astronauts?
Yes! To me they are all famous because they put their lives on the line every time they go to space to do experiments to help humans on earth.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 49 - 12:08:49 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] what kind of sports do you like?
Dog Training, Baseball, Football, Gymnastics,Basketball

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 51 - 12:10:42 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] ii would be wonderful if i could meet you in person butit's impossible but i want you to know your a very intresting and smart person.
Nothing is impossible if you believe Elizabeth. You have my home email address and you can email me at home anytime. Who knows, someday we may meet. Until, I will be your mentor. You must develop a blind and active faith. With faith, all things are possible.

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 54 - 12:14:01 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] your children must be proud to have you as a father.
My children love me to death. They fight over my time with them. I am constantly teaching my children how to think, focus, concentrate, listen, risk, and accept failure as a part of life. This prepares them for the real world. They are very well discipline and know that giving me excuses are unacceptable. My sons, especially the 3 year old, knows how to make the dogs come, sit, stay, down, heel, and respect the words No! No!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 57 - 12:29:34 ]
Elizabeth, we will now be ending today's National Engineers' Week/Black History Month chat with Tony Bruins from NASA Johnson Space Center. We're glad you were able to join us today, and hope Tony has offered you valuable information and advice that will be helpful to you as you pursue your goals.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 61 - 12:31:38 ]
We would also like to extend our most sincere thanks to Tony Bruins for his thoughtfulness in responding to our questions today, as well as sharing his life and career experiences with us. Tony has certainly enriched us all today. THANK YOU, Tony!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 62 - 12:32:32 ]
As a final reminder, please share your thoughts about today's chat with us by visiting our NASA QuestChat Information Center, at http://quest.nasa.gov/qchats. We hope to hear form you!

[ TonyBruins/JSC - 63 - 12:34:13 ]
RE: [Elizabeth] my teacher want's to know if you would like to come down to san diego and visit us?(if you can)
Yes, I would. All she has to do is request me to come and speak to your school through NASA Public Speakers Bureau.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 65 - 12:45:16 ]
RE: [Shannon] How do you get ahold of the NASA Public Speakers Bureau, and how much does it cost?
Shannon, this information is available on the NASA home page, at http://www.nasa.gov. Thanks for your interest!


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