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Field journals of the Challenge Project crew

Please note: Photo Journals will take longer to load, but they're worth the wait.

October 26, 1998:
Arrival, Kennedy Space Center by Karen Dodson

October 7, 1998:
I miss the sun, water, and sound of bubbling by Robin Folsom

Now I know what career I want by Austin Bartoszek


October 3, 1998:
On becoming an Aquanaut by Gail Hebert


October 2, 1998:
Doing the Training Exercises by Christine Wells
In the Scott Carpenter Underwater Space Analog Station by Christine Wells
Dockside Chat by Christine Wells


October 1, 1998:
An unexpected opportunity by Gail Hebert
It is imperative to attempt by Krisstina Wilmoth
It's nice to be home by Kathy Sablan


September 30, 1998:
SCUBA Training by Christine Wells
You have to have a little fun by Gail Hebert
Tom Whittaker and dinner as a group by Kathy Sablan


September 29, 1998:
A mission support diver on the job by Gail Hebert
More of the same by Kathy Sablan


September 28, 1998:
Back on the job in Key Largo by Kathy Sablan


September 27, 1998:
Returning to Key Largo by Linda Conrad

The ride back by Kathy Sablan

September 26, 1998:
Returning after the storm by Gail Hebert
Back to work after Georges by Krisstina Wilmoth
More waiting! by Kathy Sablan

September 25, 1998:
Waiting and watching by Kathy Sablan


September 24, 1998:
We're outa here - for now by Linda Conrad

Being ready to evacuate by Gail Hebert

Mandatory evacuation by Kathy Sablan

September 23, 1998:
Buttoning down before evacuating by Linda Conrad
Weather watch by Linda Conrad
Of sunken habitats and ships by Linda Conrad

First official day by Kathy Sablan

The Challenge Project Website by Indiana School for the Deaf

September 22, 1998:
Working with Jim Cameron by Krisstina Wilmoth

On the job by Kathy Sablan

September 21, 1998:
Arriving at Key Largo by Kathy Sablan

September 20, 1998:
A day of rest and Bill's birthday by Robin Folsom
Birthdays a la Keys! by Linda Conrad
Reflections on the night "down under" by Krisstina Wilmoth
September 19, 1998:
Success at last! by Bill Strathearn
Settling into a routine by Robin Folsom
Mission Commander in Training? by Krisstina Wilmoth
September 18, 1998:
Installing the ISDN jack by Bill Strathearn

Day 4 now - and the rain is giving way... by Robin Folsom


September 17, 1998:
Day 3 now - more rain by Robin Folsom
Getting the Station's legs on a photo journal by Linda Conrad

September 16, 1998:
Taking care of the computer by Bill Strathearn
Launching the barge and clump by Robin Folsom
Getting the computer into the station a photo journal by Linda Conrad
Looking forward to meeting the actress who represents women in space by Krisstina Wilmoth

September 15, 1998:
Bound for Key Largo by Robin Folsom
Launch and to the Emerald Lagoon (a photo journal) by Linda Conrad
The Station arrives! (a photo journal) by Linda Conrad
The M.R.D.F. by Bill Strathearn
Arriving Key Largo - First Impressions by Linda Conrad

September 14, 1998:

Sunny Florida by Bill Strathearn
Launch scrubbed for 24 hours by Dennis Chamberland


September 10, 1998:
Getting ready by Alyssa Friedland

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