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Meet: Adam Gouvan

High School Student
Indiana School for the Deaf

photo of adam gouvan

Who I am - words that describe me:
I am sensitive, analytical, and love to take on challenges. I stand up for what I believe in and am willing to accept risks. I love to discuss and debate issues that are important to me. I am very expressive with my thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I believe in being honest and always "talking straight."

My personal challenges:
I have learned a lot about challenges from growing up on a farm. I remember helping my stepfather build a fence that was more than 100 feet long. I remember looking at how many fence post holes had to be dug and thinking that I would never get done! I didn't give up and I felt very good when the project was finished. The training for becoming a certified scuba diver was very challenging. photo of adam getting scuba training Letting go of my fear was difficult, but I did it!

My career challenges:
Facing challenges has taught me patience and commitment.

My career:
I am a senior in the High School Department at the Indiana School for the Deaf. I am involved in Student Council and am the vice president for the senior class. I am involved in the sports of wrestling and track. I like being a student at the Indiana School for the Deaf! We have many good teachers, many programs and activities that we can participate in, and a great science department.

There have been several persons who have influenced me. Most of all, I appreciated our school's former high school supervising teacher, Jeff Choate. He is now working at the Missouri School for the Deaf. He helped me quite a lot. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and knows how to motivate me. Other people who have influenced me are Frank Turk, former NAD president, and my friend, Curt Nord.

Future goals:
Many people tease me because I love to debate and seem to have a very political and analytical philosophy about life. Maybe I should have the goal of becoming a politician or being President of Gallaudet University someday in the future!

My thoughts about space exploration:
I believe space exploration is important! The things we learn from space exploration will help us understand the world and how we fit into the "big picture of things."

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