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Meet: Buzz Aldrin

Retired Astronaut
Starcraft Enterprises

the young and today buzz aldrin in astronaut gear

photo of Buzz Aldrin on the moon When one thinks of pioneering, historic moments in space, the name Buzz Aldrin immediately comes to mind. In fact, many of you witnessed Buzz and Neil Armstrong take the very first human steps on the moon during the 1969 Apollo XI trip. It's no wonder that when asked about moon walking, Buzz Aldrin can easily answer, "Been there, done that."

As a West Point graduate, Buzz flew Sabre Jets in 66 combat missions in the Korean conflict. After earning a Doctorate in Astronautics from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his techniques were used on all NASA missions. During the 1960s, Buzz's contributions to and participation in NASA's programs were groundbreaking.

Buzz then took his success with the space program and shared it with the world. An international goodwill tour earned him the highest government honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, thus establishing Buzz as a true ambassador of space.

On Valentine's Day 1988, Buzz married Lois Driggs Cannon of Phoenix, Arizona. She is a Stanford graduate and active community leader in Southern California where they now reside. Their combined family is composed of six grown children and one grandson. Their leisure time is spent exploring the deep sea world of scuba diving and skiing the mountain tops of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Buzz Aldrin in current role Upon retiring from his position as Commander of the Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, Buzz has played an active role in space exploration. He created "The Cycler," a spacecraft system which makes perpetual orbits between Earth and Mars. In 1993, he received a patent for his permanent space station. As past chairman of the National Space Society, Buzz still develops future space programs and space education.

Now Buzz, as Starcraft Enterprises, the name of his private space endeavors, is lecturing and traveling throughout the world to pursue and discuss his and others' latest concepts and ideas for exploring the universe. He is a leading voice in charting the course of future space efforts from Planet Earth.

Whether diving in the depths of the ocean or rocketing through space, Buzz has spent his life breaking old boundaries so that future generations will know no limits.

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