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The Men and Women of the Challenge Project

Read about day-to-day and special activities in a series of Field Journals.

Challenge Crew

    scuba iconDesignates crew members who will be
    participating from the underwater station.

scuba icon Buzz Aldrin, Retired Astronaut, Starcraft Enterprises

scuba icon Edmund F. Ball, Retired manufacturing executive, Businessman, Rancher, Educator, Philanthropist, Aviator, Adventurer

David Breashears, Cinematographer, Mountain climber

scuba icon James Cameron, Film Writer, Director and Producer

scuba icon Kim Campbell, Director of Public Relations, Paws, Inc.

scuba icon Eric Chamberland, 10th Grade Student

scuba icon Brian James Collins, Certified Interpreter - CI/CT, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

scuba icon Patsy A. Donn, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services Center and Professor of Psychology, Ball State University

Tom Dreschel, Science Education Coordinator, Life Sciences at Kennedy Space Center

scuba icon Brett English, High School Student

scuba icon Alyssa Friedland, Student, Challenge Crew

scuba icon Adam Gouvan, High School Student at the Indiana School for the Deaf

scuba icon Rosalind A. Grymes, Outreach Program Manager for Life Sciences

scuba icon Loretta Hammel, High School Science Teacher

scuba icon Richard Hensley, Owner, Senior Instructor, Big Red Divers Supply, Inc.

scuba icon Teresa L. Huckleberry, High School Science Teacher

scuba icon Amanda Huser, High School Student at the Indiana School for the Deaf

Helen Klein, Retired nurse, Marathon competitor

scuba icon Tom Leaird, Owner: Tom Leaird's Underwater Service

David Liskowsky, Program Scientist at NASA Headquarters and STS-95 Life Science Program Scientist

scuba icon Bernadette Luna, NASA Research Engineer

scuba icon Dave McKenna, Assistant Superintendent, Indiana School for the Deaf

scuba icon Mandy Mueller, Certified Interpreter - CI/CT, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

scuba icon Kate Mulgrew, Plays Lead: Captain Kathryn Janeway on UPS's Star Trek: Voyager

scuba icon Sebastian O'Kelly, Aide to Senator John Glenn

Ralph Pelligra, Medical Services Officer, NASA ARC

Sandra Perlmutter, Executive Director, President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

scuba icon Robert W. Phillips DVM, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University

scuba icon Sonya Renner, Director of Development, Space Center Houston

scuba icon Eugene W. Roddenberry, Technical Advisor, Earth: Final Conflict television series

scuba icon Thomas Rogers, Chairman, The Sophron Foundation and President, The Space Transportation Association

scuba icon Christopher Roosa, Former Congressional Staff Member, U.S. Marine Corps Reservist

scuba icon Jessica Schmidt, High School Student at the Indiana School for the Deaf

Joan Vernikos, Director, NASA Life Sciences Division

scuba icon Adam Wieser, High School Student at the Indiana School for the Deaf

scuba icon Christine Wells, Professor Emerita, Exercise Science and Physical Education

scuba icon Tom Whittaker, Professor, Adventure Education

scuba icon John-Henry Williams, President, Hitter Communications

Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station

Mission Commanders:

scuba icon Joe Bishop, Chief Engineer, Bishop Marine Services

scuba icon Dennis Chamberland, NASA Bioengineer, Station commander

scuba icon Karen Dodson, Crew Coordinator

Kathy Sablan, Mission Documentalist

scuba icon Krisstina Wilmoth, Crew Coordinator

Mission Staff:

scuba icon Robin Folsom, MARS Outreach Program project coordinator

John Han, Chief Graphic Specialist, Space Life Sciences/Outreach at NASA

scuba icon Gail Hebert, Environmental Protection Specialist

scuba icon Jennifer McCarter, Public Affairs Specialist

Bonnie McClain, NASA Life Sciences Education Programs Coordinator

scuba icon Heather Onovi, Engineering Assistant, NASA's SHARP Program

Challenge Takers

Encouraging letters received by Sen. Glenn from Challenge Takers

Partner organizations taking the challenge

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