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SCSAS Photo and Video Gallery


station in the water at dock

Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station

station logo The Challenge Mission

dennis inside station Dennis Chamberland, Principle Investigator/Mission Commander

Additional pictures are available in the Journals section as photos help to tell the tale of this adventure.


Available to higher end machines

station on display

Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station:

Video includes:
    Introduction to the concept of a Space analog habitat.
    Building the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station
    A tour of the SCSAS

Available at:

    20kb (for 28.8 modems or higher) and
    300kb (for T1 connection or higher)

photo of john glenn

John Glenn's Welcome to the project

Available at: 20kbps (for 28.8 modems or higher) and
300kbps (for T1 connection or higher)

Videos may be viewed downloading RealPlayer free.

credits link

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