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Welcome to the Challenge Project!

The Life Sciences Division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a tradition of seeking novel approaches that support broad participation of public audiences in space exploration activities. The Division established an Outreach Program Office devoted to building bridges between the scientists and engineers of NASA's Life Sciences program and our investors, the American public. We try to erase boundaries between the research enterprise and our nation's boardrooms, schoolrooms, and living rooms. The Life Sciences Outreach program joins the NASA Quest Team online, in the Challenge Project, to bring you fascinating and relevant interactive activities that advance science literacy through accessibility.

The project's title, "The Challenge Project", captures the themes that resonate with the public as we approach Senator Glenn's return to space on STS-95 in October 1998. Those themes are human potential and human exploration. We will illustrate the boundlessness of human potential at every age through messages such as 'embrace challenge' by facing barriers or frontiers with determination and a positive attitude, and 'be the best you can be' through lifelong learning and physical fitness. We will highlight diverse exploration efforts and focus on NASA Life Sciences activities in human exploration of space.

Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station will be the site of a 7-day sea floor habitat experience. Individuals who exemplify our themes will form the crew, and their activities will be shared through this Challenge Project Internet site.

Here at the Challenge Project Internet site we will share participant biographies and journals, science background information, directions for hands-on activities, live QuestChats, a photo gallery, an opportunity to ask questions, and other interactive possibilities.

Throughout this project, our team will be interested in receiving your ideas and feedback. Send any comments to Linda Conrad (lindac@quest.arc.nasa.gov).

We look forward to working with you as you decide to "Take the Life Sciences Challenge!"

Rosalind A. Grymes, Ph.D.
Outreach Program Manager
Life Sciences Division, NASA HQ
Gravitational Biology and Ecology Program
    Office, NASA ARC
Linda Conrad
Space Team Online Project Manager
NASA Quest Team

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