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Credits and Contacts

The Challenge Project is an educational outreach project directed toward K-12 students, teachers and lifetime learners. The Challenge project is supported by NASA's Life Sciences Division, NASA Headquarters through its Outreach Program under the direction of Rosalind A. Grymes, Ph.D.(rgrymes@mail.arc.nasa.gov), Space Life Sciences Outreach and Education Program Manager, hosted online by the NASA Quest website.

These online resources are provided by NASA's Quest team located at the NASA Ames Research Center. The Quest Project, NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative, is supported by the NASA Learning Technologies Project of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications.

The responsible NASA official is Karen Traicoff (ktraicoff@mail.arc.nasa.gov).

This Challenge Project Webspace was designed and implemented by Linda Conrad (lindac@quest.arc.nasa.gov) a Quest Team project manager. Marc Siegel (marc@quest.arc.nasa.gov) is project director for the NASA Quest Team.

In addition, the following people have made significant contributions to the online part of The Challenge Project: Oran Cox Chat administrator and Bill Strathearn Webcast and technical consultant

The Webmaster of Quest is Alan Federman

The Smart Filters are a group of volunteers who helped process questions from classrooms via email. Chris Tanski is managing the Smart Filter segment for the Challenge Project. We welcome additional folks who would like to volunteer to help with future projects.

Our ability to handle thousands of questions is made possible by wonderful public domain software originally written by Rob Menke (rmenke@netcom.com) and later updated by high school senior Dan Helfman (witten@quest.arc.nasa.gov) who volunteered his time one summer.

The graphics for this site were provided by Erin Lynn Weikle of the RSPAC Graphics Team; this team is responsible for another NASA site called The Observatorium.


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