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The Challenge Project

In which the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station (SCSAS) addresses:

Space Life Physiology and Aging in the context of physical fitness and lifelong learning

This is the WWW home for the Challenge Project, which explores the themes of human potential and exploration while approaching Senator Glenn's return to space on STS-95 in October.

The Challenge Project illustrates the boundlessness of human potential at every age and highlights human exploration of remote environments. This project blends the ideas of challenge confrontation, physical fitness, lifelong learning, and space exploration in the context of a unique NASA Life Sciences experience. The specific focus in the area of human aging marks STS-95 as the first of a series of collaborations between NASA Life Sciences and the NIH's National Institute on Aging.

This website provides information, activities, and interactive experiences with individuals whose life choices exemplify The Challenge Project's themes. Many of our Challenge Project participants were invited to take part in the Challenge Mission, creating a cross-generational crew in NASA Life Sciences' Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station during the mission beginning September 23, briefly interrupted by Hurricane Georges, and resuming September 28 through October 1. The public interacted with this crew from the sea floor in Key Largo, FL, and with other participants from Challenge Project partner museums and national organizations through webchats, viewing their journals and biographies, and by posting questions through email.

The Challenge Project Pages will include:

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