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Questions and Answers
about Flying and Mission Control

Orbiter left in space and reused

Flight logs

Tiles and aerodynamic drag

Internet shuttle communications

Change in shuttle attitude

Shuttle catastrophy

Fuel burned or jetsisoned in space

Releasing and retrieving objects in space

Orbital speed of the shuttle

Rocket speed

Loss of signal and tracking and relay data satellites

Thrust angles between the ssmes and srbs

Differential pressure on the lunar module

Shuttle navigation

Cost for oms fuel

Effects of space on liquids and gases

Shuttle and Mir docking procedure

Slowing clocks due to relativity

Time zone used in orbit

Parameciae in space

Lighting a candle in the Shuttle

Hale bopp's effect on the Shuttle

Sound quality of radio contact with the shuttle

Contacting the shuttle

Seeing things move on Earth from space

Top shuttle speed

Sections of mission control

Ground control vs. mission control

Emergency procedures including Mir docking

Changing direction without air friction

Tail towards earth orientation

Pointing shuttle telescopes


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