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The Shuttle/Mir Team

Read about the day-to-day activities in a series of Field Journals
Take a student-made "Who am I?" quiz on the S/MORE team

Scientists and Researchers study the reactions of astronauts, plants, and animals to the space environment in order to understand the effects of spaceflight on their biology:

John B. Charles, Ph.D., project scientist for human life sciences
Patricia Cowings, Ph.D., psychophysiologist
Gregory D. Goins, Ph.D., research scientist
Deborah L. Harm, Ph.D., senior scientist
A. Gerard Heyenga, Ph.D., senior research associate
Tana M. Hoban-Higgins, Ph.D., principal investigator
John T. James, Ph.D., chief toxicologist
Frank B. Salisbury, Ph.D., principal investigator for "Project Greenhouse"
Scott M. Smith, Ph.D., research nutritionist

Experiment Planners and Coordinators insure that in-flight experiments are safe and successful:

Karen Borski, mission science support engineer
Kimberly Cook, microbial ecologist
Michael Hale, lead engineer
Errol Hayward, project engineer
Andy Lott, payload engineer
Kristina Lagel, experiment support scientist
Steven J. Piert, experiment support scientist
Paul Savage, payload manager
Kenneth A. Souza, associate director for Life Sciences
Cecilia Wigley, system safety, reliability, and quality assurance lead

Shuttle-Mir Team Engineers design and build equipment for in-flight experiments:

George Fenton, lead engineer
Jim Higgins, design engineer

The Crew Trainer prepares United States astronauts and Russian cosmonauts for conducting experiments during spaceflight:

Sally Greenawalt, crew training coordinator

Student Interns provide assistance to other Shuttle-Mir team members and S/MORE website developers:

Oran E. Cox, administrative support assistant
Kathryn M. "Katie" Hamilton, college intern
Mercedes Salem, research assistant
Marisela Szto, student apprentice

NASA Astronauts live and work aboard Mir for months at a time, conducting scientific investigations. NASA Astronauts' families discuss how the space program influences their personal lives.

Biographies of Shuttle Mir residents
Carolyn Blaha, daughter of astronaut John Blaha


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