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NASA People

Meet the people of NASA, where the youth of today gain information to become the scientists and engineers of tomorrow. At NASA Quest you can join these enthusiastic people and learn about their diverse and exciting careers at NASA. Through their online profiles and journals, you'll peek behind the scenes to see what it takes to prepare the shuttle for human space exploration and aerospace design, from the scientists and researchers on the ground to the pilots and astronauts in space. NASA Quest gives you all you need to know about who is making the dreams of yesterday come true today and who is developing the technology and visions for tomorrow.

Team Profiles are organized according to the expert's responsibilities at NASA. Included are: a description of their job, how they got to their position at NASA, helpful hints to students interested in a similar career, and often some personal anecdotes that make them "come alive" to students. Field Journals give you a chance to read about STO team members' day-to-day and special activities.


Space team:
Scientists, engineers and planners in the area of Human Space Exploration

Aerospace team:
Engineers, technicians, mechanics and designers in Aerospace Research and Design

Solar System team:
Researchers and scientists studying the Earth and beyond

Deep Space team:
Scientists discovering the evolution and structure of our universe.

Women of NASA:
NASA Women inspiring young females to pursue math, science and technology careers







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