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Learning Technologies Channel

Live Chats
During the course of our online projects, various experts will be available for live interactions with you. To participate, you need only have access to a modern Web (Internet) browser. Participation may be active or passive, with appropriate hyperlinks provided for both occasions. We request that you become acquainted with a featured expert by reading his/her autobiography and field journals prior to participation in a QuestChat.

These events are powered by QuestChat software (no download is necessary), a technology that allows you and others to type and read brief thoughts.

Live Webcasts
Located at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mt. View California, NASA Quest produces live streaming video programs with open Chat Rooms for live interaction with Scientists and Experts participating in the programs. Live events are delivered via streaming media to the Web. Live interaction with the Scientists and other participants during the events is made possible through an open Posting Room where your questions are answered in real time during the broadcast.


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