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National Science and Education Standards (NSES)

Content Standard A: Science as Inquiry

A1. Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry (K-8)

A2. Understanding about scientific inquiry (K-8)


Content Standard B: Physical Science

B1. Properties of objects and materials (K-4)

B2. Position and motion of objects (K-4)

B3. Light, heat, electricity and magnetism (K-4)

B4. Properties and changes of properties in matter (5-8)

B5. Motions and forces (5-8)

B6. Transfer of energy (5-8)

Content Standard C: Life Science

C1. The characteristic of organisms (K-4)

C2. Life cycle of organisms (K-4)

C3. Organisms and environments (K-4)

C4. Structure and function in living systems (5-8)

C5. Reproduction and heredity (5-8)

C6. Regulation and behavior (5-8)

C7. Populations and ecosystems (5-8)

C8. Diversity and adaptations of organisms (5-8)

Content Standard D: Earth and Space Science

D1. Properties of earth materials (K-4)

D2. Objects in the sky (K-4)

D3. Changes in earth and sky (K-4)

D4. Structure of the earth system (5-8)

D5. Earth’s history (5-8)

D6. Earth in the solar system (5-8)


Content Standard E: Science and Technology

E1. Abilities of technological design (K-8)

E2. Understandings about science and technology (K-8)

E3. Abilities to distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans (K-4)

Content Standard F: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

F1. Personal health (K-8)

F2. Characteristics and changes in population (K-4)

F3. Types of resources (K-4)

F4. Changes in environments (K-4)

F5. Science and technology in local challenges (K-4)

F6. Populations, resources and environments (5-8)

F7. Natural hazards (5-8)

F8. Risks and benefits (5-8)

F9. Science and technology in society (5-8)

Content Standard G: History and Nature of Science

G1. Science as a human endeavor (K-8)

G2. Nature of science (5-8)

G3. History of science (5-8)



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