Questions-and-Answers about the Cassini Spacecraft

Closer Jupiter flyby

Cost of mission

Force required for cassini to escape gravitational pull

Scientific studies of Venus during flyby

Telemetry for cassini

Names on compact disc

Reason for switching between antennas

How long will Cassini continue to slow

Releasing flyby science data

Does Cassini spin

Cassini in the asteroid belt

Jupiter flyby information

Cassini timeline being met

Efficiency of rocket fuel

Reason for not using nuclear fuel

Time and place of Cassini Earth flyby

Cassini y2k compliance

Closest Earth flyby

What if something goes wrong with Cassini

What happens to Cassini after Saturn

Closeness of Cassini to clouds of Saturn

Speed of Cassini

Management of Cassini

Is Cassini solar powered

Wiring in spacecraft

Planning of Cassini

Possible dangers greater than reports indicate

Study regarding flyby accident

Earth flyby altitude

Myths about possible accidents

Risk estimates of swingby accident

Low probability of accident

Reason for not using RTG on Cassini

Projected size of one large antenna

Error correction

Will probe work if immersed in liquid

Can probe survive if Titan is liquid

Distance Cassini will travel to Saturn

Transmitter power requirements

Stability of spacecraft

Positioning the instruments

How well can cameras see

Rocket fuel saved by gravity assist

Power provided by RTGs

Number of people working on mission

Number of pictures to be returned

Amount of science data to be returned

Is spacecraft covered in gold

New knowledge gained from Cassini

Dimensions of Cassini

Weight of probe

Weight of Cassini

Fate of probe after landing

Why is probe going to Titan instead of Saturn

Experiments performed by probe

Purpose of probe

Which launch vehicle will Cassini use

Fate of Cassini after mission

Reason for long trip to Saturn

Arrival date

Cassini launch date

Why is it called Cassini

Where is Cassini headed