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Black History Month QuestChat
Date: February 25, 1999
Featuring: Oran Cox
QuestChat Project Manager
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, CA

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 0 - 14:03:10 ]
Thank you for registering for the Black History Month Chat with Oran Cox from NASA Ames Research Center. This chat is scheduled to occur at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Be sure you have read Oran's profile at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/ocox.html before joining this chat.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 1 - 14:03:31 ]
If you attempt to post messages in the chat room at this time, they will not appear on your screen. However, we invite you to return to the chat room on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. for our chat with Oran Cox. We look forward to hearing from you then!

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 2 - 08:58:45 ]
Good morning! We're about to begin our chat with Oran - you may go ahead with questions now. It helps if you identify where you are coming from in your handle. Thanks!

[ OranCox/ARC - 4 - 09:00:31 ]
Good morning, everyone. Welcome to today's chat!

[ OranCox/ARC - 7 - 09:01:29 ]
RE: [Linda/NASAQuest] Both Brittney and Paula want to know: Do you like your job?
Brittney and Paula: I enjoy my job very much. I'm really happy to be able to interact with different people from different backgrounds and from all over the world. Things can be very exciting around here!

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 8 - 09:01:38 ]
RE: [Elaina] What do you do
Hi Elaina, if you'll read Oran's profile at the URL above it will help you know, unless I'm missing the point of your questions.

[ OranCox/ARC - 11 - 09:03:29 ]
RE: [Danisha] Since it took eight and half years to finish college, what kept you from giving up?
I was fortunate to have a very supportive family. Without their encouragement, I think finishing school would have been a lot harder to do. I'm really grateful to all my family members for believing in me.

[ OranCox/ARC - 15 - 09:05:11 ]
RE: [Shontrelle] What made you do what you do?
Shontrelle, I actually never set out to become a QuestChat manager. It just kind of happened. I think my diverse background was a key factor in how I found my way into this position. However, I have no regrets and hope to continue for a long time.

[ OranCox/ARC - 17 - 09:07:36 ]
RE: [Elaina] What advesrsities have you faced to get in your current job?
Elaina, the hardest part of my job is making sure each event goes off without a hitch. This can be TREMENDOUSLY stressful at times, because all of our chats, like this one, are live. The other main difficulty is scheduling so many chats throughout the year. It's always a challenge to schedule so many chats far advance. Problems arise and we have to make changes at the last minute sometimes.

[ OranCox/ARC - 18 - 09:08:26 ]
RE: [Sara] Oran, Where did Augustus Jackson live? (the one who invented ice cream)
Sorry, Sara, I should probably know this, but I don't. See what you can find on the Internet and you can share with the rest of us!

[ OranCox/ARC - 20 - 09:09:11 ]
RE: [Paula] Have you lived in CA all your life?
Paula, yes, I was born and raised in San Jose, California and live there currently.

[ OranCox/ARC - 24 - 09:12:04 ]
RE: [IB/SJSU] Hi Mr. Cox, You've mentioned that one of your long-term goals is to be an anthropological mission specialist. What experiments would you be interested in conducting as the mission specialist?
Hi IB, I would actually be more interested in helping the other mission specialists and astronauts in space deal with any cultural differences that may negatively impact their interaction with each other. During some of our previous missions with the Russian cosmonauts, we heard that some of the U.S. astronauts felt uncomfortable at times because they didn't understand the cultural dynamics. I think that is where someone like me would be able to be beneficial.

[ OranCox/ARC - 26 - 09:13:58 ]
RE: [Elaina] WHat is your favorite food?
Hmmm, well, to be honest I have 2: chocolate chip cookies and pizza. I only eat pizza once every few months, but believe it or not, I try to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies once a week. It's usually my "end of the week" treat for myself. I must watch my waist line, though!

[ OranCox/ARC - 28 - 09:16:51 ]
RE: [KasheenaPrice] Hi Oran ! I just wanted to know how your family feels about your great achievements??
KasheenaPrice, my family is very happy that I have been able to find a career that makes me happy, and that I am interested in continuing to pursue my education through graduate school. However, ALL my family members are successful in their own right, too.

[ OranCox/ARC - 29 - 09:17:46 ]
RE: [Paula] Did you ever want to be in any other profession?
Paula, yes, but I'm happy to be part of NASA. This was actually one of my dreams as a child, and I feel like I'm right where I want to be for now.

[ OranCox/ARC - 32 - 09:19:26 ]
RE: [Brittney] Do you ever get tired from doing all your work?
Brittney, yes. I and my coworkers work long hours, and as I mentioned, I'm also in graduate school. So I try to take care of myself physically to keep up with my challenging schedule.

[ OranCox/ARC - 34 - 09:20:37 ]
RE: [lonnie] will you ever go into space
Lonnie, I'd certainly like to have the chance to go. Perhaps I will if private companies design spacecraft to take "regular" citizens in space. Hopefully, we'll all have the chance to go someday.

[ OranCox/ARC - 38 - 09:23:33 ]
RE: [Michelle] Oran, I know much about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and what he did for us, but I have only recently seen a very long list of other blacks who I've never heard of before. Why haven't they been credited in history for their inventions?
Michelle, I would imagine that as we continue to review the history of our country, we will uncover much more about the people that helped to shape it. Once upon a time, black people were not allowed to take credit for their innovations in the United States. However, what we can be proud of are the many African Americans today who are contributing to this country and making history.

[ OranCox/ARC - 39 - 09:25:39 ]
RE: [Amy] What courses did you take throughout college to get where you are today?
Amy, I took a variety of courses in my college undergraduate career. My of the classes were in math, science, and computer science. But I've also had a lot of coursework in social science and humanities. I believe my diverse academic background helps me in my work with people in different carer fields.

[ OranCox/ARC - 40 - 09:26:52 ]
RE: [Paul] how did you get involved with NASA?
Paul, I first worked at NASA as a high school student in the SHARP program. I participated in a college internship program many years later, and was hired permanently after graduating from college.

[ OranCox/ARC - 43 - 09:28:13 ]
RE: [CharlotteMaryWong] Have you ever wanted to quit your job that you have now? If so--what did you want to do?
CharlotteMaryWong, yes, I've had those days that I've wanted to quit. But not because I wasn't interested in my work and wanted to find another job. Let's just say it's been for "political" reasons. But you'll find that at any job you have.

[ OranCox/ARC - 44 - 09:28:31 ]
RE: [MrsMock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Hello Oran and Linda, MSOC 3rd and 4th graders will be able to chat today. Sorry we are a little late.
Welcome back, Mrs. Mock!

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 45 - 09:28:56 ]
RE: [MrsMock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Hello Oran and Linda, MSOC 3rd and 4th graders will be able to chat today. Sorry we are a little late.
Hi Mrs. Mock and class, Good to have you on board. We have LOTS of questions waiting. Oran will answer as many as he can.

[ OranCox/ARC - 50 - 09:32:40 ]
RE: [KasheenaPrice] Being an African-American have you ever experienced prejudice behavior toward you?
KasheenaPrice, unfortunately, yes. Since I was very young, I've been exposed to people prejudices because of my racial background. But things have gotten much better since that time. There will always be people around who will have prejudices about something, but just continue to push forward toward your goals and you will be successful.

[ OranCox/ARC - 53 - 09:34:19 ]
RE: [IB/SJSU] What technological advances do you see for QuestChat in the future?
IB, we've considered adding Java capability to our chat software. But we've not quite implemented that. We deliberately use a simple chat interface to allow a large audience to participate in our chats.

[ OranCox/ARC - 54 - 09:35:34 ]
RE: [Danisha] Who encouraged your family (all your sisters and brothers)to go to college?
My parents had tremendous forsight and were adamant that all my brothers and sisters would attend college. Again, we are all grateful to them for their neverending support, encouragement, love, and sacrifice.

[ OranCox/ARC - 55 - 09:37:14 ]
RE: [Tyrell] How much money do you make a year?
Tyrell, the starting salary for engineers in the Silicon Valley at this time is anywhere between $40,000 and $60,000. How much you are paid depends on where you work and your experience.

[ OranCox/ARC - 60 - 09:38:49 ]
RE: [goat] HI ORAN ! Will you ever go into space and use what you have learned in college AND HOW MUCH MONEY DID IT COST YOU TO GO TO COLLEGE THAT LONG
Goat, I do hope to go to space one day and use all the knowledge I've gained. Because I transferred to a junior college and finished at a public university, the costs weren't too high.

[ OranCox/ARC - 62 - 09:41:46 ]
RE: [Cherise] I just wanted to know, is your career something that a lot of people can go into, or is it a select job, that only has room for some.
Cherise, many people can moderate chats. But my job tends to be very diverse, so you having a diverse academic background would allow you to do much more in a career like mine, and stand out in the crowd.

[ OranCox/ARC - 63 - 09:42:09 ]
RE: [Jessica] Were you born in the United States?
Jessica, yes, I was born and raised in San Jose, California.

[ OranCox/ARC - 64 - 09:43:36 ]
RE: [MrsKoopsclass] Did you always have an interest in Astronomy?
MrsKoopsclass, yes, I've always been interested in space since childhood. I am in no way an expert on all astronomical topics. But I'm still interested in learning different things about our galaxy and space.

[ OranCox/ARC - 65 - 09:44:01 ]
RE: [Christopher] Do you plan on staying with Nasa for the rest ofyour carrer???????????
Christopher, I'd certainly like to!

[ OranCox/ARC - 69 - 09:46:04 ]
RE: [Brittney] Have you thought about getting married and having children?
Brittney, yes, I've thought about it. But right now, I'm happy with being single and enjoying the company of my friends and family. I'm also dedicated to pursuing my personal life goals, so I would like to take this time to focus on those things.

[ OranCox/ARC - 70 - 09:46:45 ]
RE: [Emily] How long do you plan on staying in school?
Emily, that's a good questions. After I graduated, I thought I was finally done. But then I entered graduate school. So who knows?

[ OranCox/ARC - 74 - 09:48:13 ]
RE: [Jessica] Have you ever done advertisements for NASA?
Doyle, the closest I've come to making a NASA "advertisement" is producing a video for our QuestChats. This has been shown on NASA TV and on some local cable channels. I've actually made a few "fans!" :-)

[ OranCox/ARC - 75 - 09:49:53 ]
RE: [Falisha] Hi Oran! I'd like to know what your job does that effects us?
Falisha, that fact that you are chatting with me right now is a direct outcome of my job. I'm involved in managing all chats such as these for our NASA Quest group here at NASA Ames Research Center.

[ OranCox/ARC - 76 - 09:51:22 ]
RE: [Shontrelle] Does your family play a big role in your life?
Shontrelle, my family is VERY important to me, and we are all very close. Although we don't see each other too often because of our busy lives and locations, we communicate by e-mail and telephone, and try to reunite at least once per year.

[ OranCox/ARC - 78 - 09:53:16 ]
RE: [doyle] oran what other majors did you consider in life
Doyle, I originally majored in computer science and pursued that for many years. I've also considered mathematics, English, and several different science majors. I took coursework in these majors but eventually graduated with an anthropology degree. Go figure!

[ OranCox/ARC - 81 - 09:54:13 ]
RE: [MrsK] Why do you think youand your siblings all seem to be successful and went to college?
Mrs K, I'm sure our success is a result of our parents. they have been the essential element in all our lives.

[ OranCox/ARC - 86 - 09:55:26 ]
RE: [marco] Is this what you have wanted to do all your life, or is their another job you have wanted to do also?
Marco, as I explained earlier, I've always been interested in working for the space program. But I've given some thought to opening up my own restaurant some day. We'll see.

[ OranCox/ARC - 87 - 09:55:58 ]
RE: [Etta] Have you ever met any famous astronauts?
Etta, I've met some astronauts but I'm not sure how famous they are.

[ OranCox/ARC - 88 - 09:56:43 ]
RE: [Danisha] How much sleep do you get at night?
Danisha, I usually get about 6 hours of sleep per night. (My mother always tell me I need to get more , though.) ;-)

[ OranCox/ARC - 90 - 09:58:42 ]
RE: [Jasmine] Oran, You seem to be a very intelligent black man. When you were applying for jobs did you ever experience prejudice from people who seemed intimidated by your intelligence?
If any of them were, I didn't let it bother me too much. I'd only be bothered by it if they tried to prevent me from achieving my goals.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 93 - 10:00:40 ]
RE: [Paul] Oran which college did you attend?
Have you read Oran's profile at: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/ocox.html

[ OranCox/ARC - 94 - 10:01:52 ]
RE: [shelly] Hey Oran, were you ever a high school genius when you went there?
Shelly, I wouldn't say I was a genius. But I did try to work very hard and study effectively. I guess my classmates were impressed with my academic performance, because they voted me Most Likely to Succeed.

[ OranCox/ARC - 97 - 10:03:32 ]
RE: [Lonnie] I really want to be an astronaut, and I was wondering what courses I would have to take in college to get there?
Lonnie, personally, I would recommend that you learn as much as you can from a variety of disciplines. However, at this time, NASA looks first at people with science/engineering backgrounds. So you probably want to focus on those areas in college.

[ OranCox/ARC - 104 - 10:04:17 ]
RE: [doyle] how much do you bench press
Doyle, I haven't benched press since I was in high school. I guess I better start up again so I can see just how much I'm able to do.

[ OranCox/ARC - 105 - 10:05:14 ]
RE: [Michelle] Oran, Before you decided to be part of NASA, what were your future plans for an profession?
Michelle, I though about working for a private computer company. But I worked at one as an intern and didn't like it. So I'm happy where I am now.

[ OranCox/ARC - 106 - 10:06:17 ]
RE: [Burt] Do you have a dog?
Our family has a dog, named Anxious, who is 12 years old, I think.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 107 - 10:06:36 ]
We are accepting no more questions now, but Oran has agreed to stick around a little longer. We will answer what we can in that time. Thanks for joining us. Please be sure to respond back to us about your experience by filling in the survey at:http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys

[ OranCox/ARC - 108 - 10:07:39 ]
RE: [Paul] Mr.Cox do you believe in Aliens?
Paul, personally, I think we certainly could have some neighbors in other galaxies. (I just hope NASA doesn't think I'm crazy for admitting this to you!)

[ OranCox/ARC - 109 - 10:08:15 ]
RE: [Jessica] Im a second grader.... have you ever played dodge ball?
Jessica, yes! It was one of my favorite games as a kid!

[ OranCox/ARC - 114 - 10:09:52 ]
RE: [Franchesca] Were you ever a really popular kid in high school? Or were kinda like bill gates, not popular but rch?
I was "popular" for my academics, mostly. I wouldn't say I was rich, though. My parents worked very hard to make my brothers and sisters feel comfortable, even though we did not have a lot.

[ OranCox/ARC - 116 - 10:11:42 ]
RE: [JessicaCHS] Have you ever been in a bomb threat situation?
JessicaCHS, I've been through many bomb threats, but fortunately, they've all been hoaxes.

[ OranCox/ARC - 117 - 10:12:27 ]
RE: [Tyleranewtrooper] How many people do you think log-on to your website?
Tyler, we generally receive over 550,000 hits on our site each week.

[ OranCox/ARC - 118 - 10:14:28 ]
RE: [PaulC] If you had A chance to start over, would you do it all over again?
Paul, if I could "start over," I'd definitely do some things differently. But I'm grateful I've been able to work through some adversity and still come out O.K.. The key is making the best with what you have.

[ OranCox/ARC - 119 - 10:16:19 ]
RE: [Christopher] I highly respect the fact that your a black male working for the most sophistocated organization in the world. Do you know of any Black people into space?
Christopher, there are many black people who have been to space and support NASA at different centers through out the country.

[ OranCox/ARC - 120 - 10:17:22 ]
RE: [Christopher] I highly respect the fact that your a black male working for the most sophistocated organization in the world. Do you know of any Black people into space?
You can learn about some of these African Americans by visiting the NASA Johnson Space Center web site, at http://www.jsc.nasa.gov.

[ OranCox/ARC - 121 - 10:20:03 ]
RE: [Johnathano] Hello my name Jon. I highly believe that anybody can achieve there goals if they apply themselves. And you have proved this to me. Is there any suggestions that you have for me if I were to work with NASA?
Jonathan, many of the people who work for NASA do so because they are dedicated to making things better for people on Earth. If that's something that you wish to do, NASA is a good place to be for that. The main thing is to find something you enjoy doing, wherever that may be.

[ OranCox/ARC - 170 - 14:06:25 ]
RE: [Ryan] Oran, What was the black astronaut's name that died in the Challenger explosion?
I believe you may be thinking of Ronald McNair, who was a member of the crew that died during the Challenger mission.

[ OranCox/ARC - 171 - 14:10:21 ]
RE: [Elaina] If you could change anything about your job, what would it be?
I'm not exactly sure what I would change about my job. However, I'd probably like to extend the hours in the day so I could have more time to work, study, and sleep.

[ OranCox/ARC - 172 - 14:34:56 ]
RE: [doyle] do you feel that you are discriminated as a black male in the nasa profession
Doyle, I don't feel as if I've been discriminated against within NASA. Since I've worked in high school, I've never had any problems with any of my coworkers. However, when we first presented the Black History Month chats a couple of years ago, I did receive some negative e-mail. Thankfully, this has not been the case since then. We're happy to provide these opportunities to you and others.

[ OranCox/ARC - 173 - 14:37:13 ]
RE: [Jessica] What do you think the future of the space program is?
Jessica, in the short term, I think NASA will be pushing to construct the Internation Space Station in the next few years. In the long term, we may continue our missions to Mars, other planets in our solar system, and beyond.

[ OranCox/ARC - 174 - 14:41:17 ]
RE: [JackieChan] Oran, what was your greatest Achievement?
I'd say my greatest achievement has been reaching the goals I've set for myself. There were many times when I thought I'd never achieve my goals, no matter how hard I worked. The fact that I I have and continue to do so makes me very proud that I never gave up. Neither should you!

[ OranCox/ARC - 175 - 14:46:10 ]
RE: [Paula/PenderHigh] How long have you been working in this profession?
Paula, I've been working with NASA Quest for almost 3 years. Part of the time was as a college intern.

[ OranCox/ARC - 176 - 14:52:31 ]
RE: [raheem] What is you favorite mexican dish
Hi Raheem, I REALLY like vegetarian burritos. There's a place in San Jose that I've frequented since college that has totally great (and huge) veggie burritos. It's not quite Mexican cuisine, but it sure tastes good.

[ OranCox/ARC - 177 - 14:57:29 ]
RE: [Paul] Do you travel around the world with you job?
Paul, if I had to travel all over the world for my job, I'd probably never to produce all the chats I do. Any traveling I do is usually local or to other states. Last summer, I went to Atlanta for NASA's involvement in the NAACP national convention. Unfortunately, I had less than 24 hour's notice of my flight plans. But the trip was good for our group.

[ OranCox/ARC - 178 - 14:59:02 ]
RE: [Jessica] What was your favorite subject in high school?
Jessica, my favorite subject in high school was probably English, with Physics a close second. It seems fitting that I continued mixing my academic background in the later years of my life.

[ OranCox/ARC - 179 - 15:02:18 ]
RE: [Jasmine] Oran, In your opinion, what is the greatest invention of an African-American?
From my perspective, surviving under seeming insurmountable odds has been the greatest "inventions" of African Americans. The more I learn about the horrible conditions my ancestors were forced to live in, the more astounded I am that many were able to survive and, in some cases, flourish in later years. I'm not sure if I would have been able to do the same.

[ OranCox/ARC - 180 - 15:08:28 ]
RE: [Jessica] What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I listen to a lot of modern jazz and "easy listening" music. It's really relaxing to me. One of our interns was riding in my car one day, and remarked that my music made him want to fall asleep. I guess it was a little too relaxing for him.

[ OranCox/ARC - 181 - 15:11:16 ]
RE: [Jessica] Do you think that the government will stop funding the space program?
Jessica, I would imagine that as long as NASA can make a good case to continue space exploration, we will always have some level of funding available. However, these days, NASA must be able to do as much or more with less money. So that requires scientists and engineers to be very creative in their experiments and designs.

[ OranCox/ARC - 182 - 15:13:35 ]
RE: [Alexis3rd/MSOC] Is it hard to write an autobiography?
Alexis, writing my autobiography was very challenging for me, because I've done a lot of different things. But the main message I want you and others to receiving is that you can turn your dreams into reality if you continue to work hard.

[ OranCox/ARC - 183 - 15:14:15 ]
RE: [Jessica] How old are you?
Alexis, I'm 28 years old and will be 29 in July.

[ OranCox/ARC - 184 - 15:16:08 ]
RE: [Paula] What do you think will be the outcome of year 2000?
Paula, personally, I think the year 2000 (Y2K) will look much like 1999 does today. It's really interesting to look at old movies and books and see what we thought life would be like in the future.

[ OranCox/ARC - 185 - 15:18:11 ]
RE: [AsiaRose] How many people do you work with? and do you get along with them like all the time
AsiaRose, I work with about 10 people in a building at NASA Ames. We also have several people who telecommute from different states in the U.S. that are part of our group.

[ OranCox/ARC - 186 - 15:22:57 ]
RE: [OranCox/ARC] AsiaRose, I work with about 10 people in a building at NASA Ames. We also have several people who telecommute from different states in the U.S. that are part of our group.
Sometimes we have disagreements in our group, but they're usually resolved quickly. I'm fortunate to work with a group of really neat people.

[ OranCox/ARC - 187 - 15:23:24 ]
RE: [Paul] Mr.Cox who is your Idol?
Paul, I've never really had an idol.

[ OranCox/ARC - 188 - 15:24:39 ]
RE: [Stephanie] Oran, Have you invented anything?
Not quite, Stephanie. I'm not sure if I would I would make. But I guess I would create something if I needed it and couldn't find it already.

[ OranCox/ARC - 189 - 15:35:42 ]
RE: [JessicaCHS] Do you think the earth will ever be in danger of extinction by a huge asteroid or comet?
Jessica, we have evidence that Earth has been struck by large rocks from space before. It's very possible that something like this could happen again. However, we have sophisticated equipment that can help us track large bodies from space. So we would have some warning beforehand.

[ OranCox/ARC - 190 - 15:39:04 ]
RE: [Jennifer3rd/MSOC] How many chats have you done?
Jennifer, I can't think of the exact number. But we typically offer at least 5 chats or more every week. So the number is definitely in the hundreds.

[ OranCox/ARC - 191 - 15:40:48 ]
RE: [Elaina] What is your favorite movie? Is it something about mary?
Elaina, I don't think I have a favorite. But I ALWAYS make time to see all Star Trek movies.

[ OranCox/ARC - 192 - 15:43:11 ]
RE: [Jessica] Who was your biggest role model growing up?
Probably my two oldest sisters. They were always accomplishing something that made me want to work hard, too. Sometimes, I'd be hard on myself because I didn't think I was "as good" as them. But that was also my way of trying to do well like them.

[ OranCox/ARC - 193 - 15:49:00 ]
RE: [Travis] What was your GPA in high school?
Travis, I had a "B/B+" average throughout high school. I wasn't always motivated to study, but I made sure not to let my grades slip too far.

[ OranCox/ARC - 194 - 15:50:28 ]
RE: [Lucian] Hello, Mr. Cox. I own a web site which I am promoting as a "Youth Space Forum". Is there any chance of having an astronaut as a guest in our chat room, and how would I go about this?
Lucian, events and appearances with astronauts are facilitated through the Public Affairs division at the NASA Johnson Space Center. Check their web site at http://www.jsc.nasa.gov for more information about this.

[ OranCox/ARC - 195 - 16:03:51 ]
RE: [Jessica] How hard is it to get into to Santa Clara university?
Jessica, Santa Clara University is a private university, with a small population. Therefore, the entrance requirements may be different from other schools. But you shouldn't let something like that keep you from trying to attend a school that you want to. Just work as hard as you can, and if you don't get into your first choice school, there are plenty of other good schools to choose from.

[ OranCox/ARC - 196 - 16:07:18 ]
RE: [Jessica] How do you feel about Black History Month?
Jessica, I think Black History Month is a great way to learn about the accomplishments, struggles, and contributions of many African Americans. For me, it is a time to reflect upon what I now have as a result of others' sacrifices.

[ OranCox/ARC - 197 - 16:09:58 ]
RE: [Elaina] When you were young, did you picture yourself doing what you do today?
Elaina, no, I had no idea I would be doing what I am today. I think things turned out are really great for me, though.

[ OranCox/ARC - 198 - 16:14:37 ]
RE: [Tyler] Where you there when John Glenn went on his last mission??
Tyler, I was not present at Kennedy Space Center for the shuttle launch marking John Glenn's return to space. However, my group presented a 2 hour live Internet broadcast of the event, which was very exciting. You can take a look at parts of the event on our site, at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/ltc.

[ OranCox/ARC - 199 - 16:18:00 ]
RE: [goat] Do you think the hubble telescope is the greatest achievement nasa has preformed
Goat, I think NASA has done many great things in the last few years, like implementing the Mars missions, linking the space shuttle with the Russian Mir Space Station, and moving foward with the International Space Station effort. There are even more great accomplishments that occur everyday that you may not hear about. But they are equally significant and worthy of praise.

[ OranCox/ARC - 200 - 16:19:31 ]
RE: [Sara] Oran, Have you ever been to a shuttle launch?
Sara, I've never been to a space shuttle launch. But it's on my "list of things to do."

[ OranCox/ARC - 201 - 16:22:27 ]
RE: [Jessica] What's a field journal?
Jessica, a field journal is like a "snapshot" of some of the activities that our NASA experts are involved in. Some describe their work with astronauts, maintenance on the space shuttle, or traveling around the world. You can read some our expert's field journals on our projects. Visit our NASA Quest home page at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov to learn more about field journals.

[ OranCox/ARC - 202 - 16:25:51 ]
RE: [Johnathano] do you feel somewhat lucky making it to were you currently stand?
Jonathano, yes, I'm very fortunate to be where I am in my life right now. I don't take my life for granted, either. So that helps me map out alternative plans in case things don't always work out. I've learned that although things can be going great for a time, they can also change quite rapidly.

[ OranCox/ARC - 203 - 16:28:22 ]
RE: [David] Because of your diverse academic background has this made you want to give up ion your dreams??
David, absolutely not. I'm the kind of person that is always looking to learn something in whatever I do. I also have a lot of things that I still wish to accomplish in my life. So I'm sure I'll always have at least one more goal to strive for.

[ OranCox/ARC - 204 - 16:30:02 ]
RE: [Paula] What time do you have to be to work and what time do you usually get off?
Paula, my arrival and departure time from work varies. But I usually work between nine and ten hours per day.

[ OranCox/ARC - 205 - 16:34:43 ]
RE: [Jessica] Are you part of launches into space?
Jessica, I would say only indirectly. Although we are not directly involved with the science, training, and launch of a mission, we do try to have those directly involved in our online chats. They can then share their roles in a mission with folks like you.

[ OranCox/ARC - 206 - 16:38:03 ]
RE: [Jessica] What are your thoughts on building a spacestation?
Jessica, I think the construction of the International Space Station is definitely an ambitious undertaking. Building it will take a lot of time, patience, and perseverance. But NASA is committed to this effort, and when it is completed, it will certainly be a monument to the human potential.

[ OranCox/ARC - 207 - 16:48:04 ]
RE: [Elaina] Do you speak any foreign languages?
Elaina, I studied Spanish for 3 years in high school and the equivalent of 4 years in college. Pero no puedo comunicar perfectamente. Muchas veces, hago errores (But I'm not able to communicate perfectly. Many times, I make mistakes)!

[ OranCox/ARC - 208 - 16:50:21 ]
RE: [Ryan] Oran, Is the experimentation of the X-33 still in progress?
I believe so, Ryan. But I am not sure what the status of the testing is right now. You can find out by visiting the NASA Johnson web site, at http://www.jsc.nasa.gov.

[ OranCox/ARC - 209 - 16:54:00 ]
RE: [Uldarkee] Yes, hi, did you ever want to go to another country and study??
Uldarkee, I did consider it in high school, but I didn't want to have to repeat a semester when I returned home. I didn't study overseas in college since I had already transferred twice by the time I enrolled at SJSU. But traveling to another country is also on my "to do" list. I also hope to take a cruise to Alaska with one of my sisters at some point.

[ OranCox/ARC - 210 - 16:56:14 ]
RE: [Jessica] Would you ever live in a space station if they built one?
Jessica, I'd like to think I would. It would be a once in a lifetime experience!

[ OranCox/ARC - 211 - 16:58:42 ]
RE: [Danisha] Do you like living in the Bay area?
Danisha, I really do. Not only because I grew up here, but the people, scenery and, of course, weather are really wonderful. Unfortunately, living here has become much more expensive over the years, so that's kind of a bummer.

[ OranCox/ARC - 212 - 17:02:09 ]
RE: [goat] Did you graduate with honors
Goat, I didn't graduate with honors from college but I did make the Dean's List while I was an undergraduate. Fortunately, I'm doing really well right now in graduate school, and have been invited to join an honor's fraternity. Although I probably won't, it's nice to be recognized for hard work.

[ OranCox/ARC - 213 - 17:05:47 ]
RE: [Jessica] Did you ever want to be an astronaut?
Jessica, like so many other people, I dreamed of floating in space and flying on space ships as a kid. I still do. But I now have a much better understanding of all the training, responsibilities, and competitiveness to become a shuttle crew member. This just means that a lot of hard work would be involved to achieve this dream. But if it's something I really want to do, then I'll work for it.

[ Linda/NASAQuest - 122 - 10:20:09 ]
Thanks for joining us! Please don't forget to send in the survey at: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys and check the archive later for other answers. Bye!

[ LTMS - 124 - 10:24:01 ]
Oran, It has been a privilege to chat with you. Thank you for all of your responses. Bye.

[ MrSalmonsClass - 125 - 10:24:01 ]
We thank you very much in participating in this chat with you. You are an extraordinary man and we wish you the best in everything you do now and in the near future.

[ OranCox/ARC - 123 - 10:21:11 ]
Thank you to Linda and everyone for participating in today's chat. Have a great day!


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