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Pictures from "Home"

In early October, 1999, I visited my parents, who are retired in northern Louisiana. This was my first trip to see them in Louisiana since they had visited me in New Orleans 3 years ago, while I was attending a conference. However, this time, I was able to see them "at home," since they had moved to northern Louisiana several years ago. Below are some pictures I took of our land (18 acres), and some of the current "residents". The amazing scenery, nice weather, and relaxing company of my parents made the trip well worth waiting for.

description at right As you make your way towards the house, there's lots of time to take in the view.
description at right Just a little further up "the hill" from the last view.
description at right Oh, I forgot. We have a pond, too, with lots of big fish in it for year-round fishing!
description at right Looking down into "the valley."
description at right Wildlife and nature abound. Mom and I went hiking in the woods, which completely
surround us. If you don't like creepy-crawly things, be sure to stay in the pasture land!
description at right Whew! 18 acres is a lot of land to cover on foot, and don't forget our additional hike
in the woods. Let's take a short break and catch our breath!
description at right Now, where did you ladies come from?
description at right A view of "the big house." We're almost there!
description at right Look who awaits us when we arrive! Mom and Dad enjoy a quiet moment on the front
porch before being so rudely disturbed by you know who.


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