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NASA's 7th Annual
Virtual Take Our Daughters To Work Day

NASA invites you to meet the women who have changed the way the world works and helped create the American Spirit. In anticipation of the Centennial of Flight celebrations, this year's events will focus on the many accomplishments women have made to the NASA legacy and their contributions to flight, aeronautics and space.

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Thursday, April 25, 2002
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NASA's 7th Annual Virtual Take Our Daughters to Work Day coincides with the national initiative founded by the Ms. Foundation. In 1996, NASA produced it's first Virtual Daughters Day - a bold experiment in on-line mentoring. Each year as interest and participation in our event increased, we heightened our on-line opportunities. We have progressed from text based web chats from remote NASA centers to a live interactive video interview with Astronaut Susan Helms on board the International Space Station. We have also added a more student driven focus to our events by having the Young Women of NASA Advisory Council host the day.

And now for the year 2002, as we begin to celebrate the Centennial of Flight, we honor women who have changed the way the world works and helped create the American Spirit by their contributions to flight, aeronautics and space. NASA invites you to meet the women who have contributed to the NASA legacy through our series of online educational events covering the history of women's accomplishments to flight.

Whether you are a young boy wondering why there is a day that seems to exclude you, a young girl looking for inspiration, a parent attempting to give your children options, or an educator looking for ways to inspire your students... you've come to the right place. NASA's Virtual Take Our Daughters to Work Day offers students, parents, and schools worldwide the opportunity to discuss and celebrate career options and to share the Take Our Daughters to Work Day experience with all children.

Take a look at our previous years and you will be astonished at the caliber of women who have given their time and energy to share how they have achieved their career aspirations and accomplishments.

Virtual Take Our Daughters To Work Day Archives


Throughout the day our webchats, forums, webcasts and astronaut video contest will cover the following areas and feature female mentors who work within these fields.

• The history of women's role in flight

Medical innovations that have improved flight for pilots

• New flight technology

• Test pilots

• Astronauts

• Military

• Leisure flying / flying for fun

• Small planes and corporate jets

• Flight instruction and certification

• Flight safety

• Air Traffic Control

• Human Exploration and the Development of Space

• Human research factors

• Microgravity and Gravitational Research

The Virtual Take Our Daughters to Work Day is comprised of four interrelated components:

Research and Preparation

Profiles and biographies of the featured experts are available for research prior to the event, and can be found by linking from the featured woman's name on the schedule page. You are strongly encouraged to research the featured women prior to the events in order to form appropriate questions that cannot be answered by another source. Archives and links to additional interactive events and resources are also included in their profiles. There are specific directions that you need to become familiar with prior to the chats, forum and webcasts.
Participation in the Live Events and PreEvent Contests

You do not need to preregister to participate in the events. We do not limit the number of participants for each event, but we receive many more questions than the mentors can answer during the live hour of interaction. Therefore, you are encouraged to thoughtfully articulate your question in order to have a better chance of having your question selected. Specific contest rules are explained on the contest pages.
Educational Resources

To make the most of your on-line experience, we have provided lesson plans with objectives and standards, links to other events being offered on the day, and related resources to enrich the opportunities for participants. These can be found on the Parents and Educators pages.

All contents and information from these pages and this event will be archived and available as a link from the Women of NASA archives page. Please see the individual links as they are listed on the schedule if you are interested in a particular mentor. The archived events are a rich source of information when studying careers, gender equity, women's issues, aerospace, Centenniel of Flight and information specific to each woman's profession.


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