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photo of Kenneth silburn

Ken Silburn
Head Science Teacher
Casula High School
New South Wales

“G'Day” from Australia.

I am the Head Teacher of Science at Casula High School, near Sydney, in New South Wales. In this position I am fortunate to lead a dynamic and energetic staff that are super keen to deliver science education to our students. As a result our school is recognised as a leader in science education including the effective use of ICT in education.

In recent years I have been able to participate in professional development opportunities in Space Science Education. This has included the Honeywell Space Academy Educators program at the US Space and Rocket Centre, the Japan Space Science Education Teacher Tour organised by JAXA and the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) and the Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010. This year I am again travelling to the US to participate in the Advanced Space Academy Educators Program, as well as organising a trip for 50 students to the Space Academy in September.

I am especially looking forward to the expedition to the Pilbara region and hopefully meeting up with some of the energetic and enthusiastic people I met in the Mojave Desert in 2010.

Like most of Australia’s population, I live on the East Coast. It will be an adventure to visit the desolate areas of the Pilbara.

It will be a buzz to not only participate in this program but also to work with others who also get a buzz out of science, science education and the future.

As an educator my beliefs are that every opportunity should be given to students so that they remember school life as an enjoyable and meaningful part of their overall life. Furthermore they should be encouraged to seek knowledge and solutions to problems. Spaceward Bound is a perfect vehicle for demonstrating the role and relevance of science when talking with my students and fellow teachers.

Note: Ken’s commitment to science education has been highly recognised in Australia as a recipient of a National Award for Teaching: Excellence in Teacher Leadership (2009), an Australian Academy of Science Teaching Award (2010) and a Prime Minister’s Commendation for Excellence in Science Teaching (2010).

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