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photo of Wende Lestelle

Wende Lestelle
Spring Valley High School
Las Vegas, Nevada

Spring Valley High School -- 2600 students; grades 9-12
Freshman academy & 2 "houses"; one for 10-11 and one for seniors
Home of the grizzlies / Success with honor and spirit

Geology / Environmental Studies -- Honors: 29 students; 15 male /14 female; 11th & 12th grades"One year course for in-depth study of geology & the environment

Conservation of the Desert Tortoise in So. Nevada (board memeber since '82)
World Travel (7 continents to date, most recent one being Antarctica)
Movies! Movies! Movies!
Jigsaw puzzles during the summer

Previous Science Experience:
28 years in Clark County School District:
--1 year biology
--2 years physical and life science (MS level)
--2 years general / basic science
--19 years earth science / grade 9
--5 years principles of science / grade 9

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