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Courtney Lemon
Physics Major
California Polytechnic University, Pomona

My name is Courtney Lemon, and I am a junior level physics major. I have been interested in NASA and space since I was a child. The wonders of the universe have always intrigued me, and my childhood dream was to be an astronaut. However, as I’ve grown, I’ve seen what other opportunities are available.

Any time I have outside of my studies, I dedicate to my leadership position in housing and to my photography. I also enjoy rocking out to music many hours a day and spending countless hours at Disneyland with my friends. One of my greatest goals in life is to travel to all 7 continents and learn more about world cultures as I further my education.

I am super excited to work with the Spaceward Bound scientists! I’m still looking for exactly what field of physics I’m going to go into, and I think that Spaceward Bound will help me narrow down my choices. I look forward to working with you all!

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