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Jessica Cimino
Bridger Middle School
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hailing from Fairbanks, Alaska I grew up with Environmental Science as a way of life. After moving to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas I have explored much of the beauty in the South Western Desert with my husband and our four dogs. I share my passion for the environment and education of tomorrow’s future through teaching Environmental Science at Jim Bridger Middle School in North Las Vegas.

The Academy at Jim Bridger is a student centered community with themes in mathematics, science and technology with highlights in being Nevada’s first NASA Explorer School, Nevada’s first Civil Air Patrol Middle School, and a Green Power School since 2008. Naturally I am inspired to use both rigorous and relevant applications of science and teaching methods in my own 7th grade Earth Science classroom and using real world applications such as including my students in a NASA E-Missions Simulations, I try to cultivate lessons that incorporate the desert, technology, and Earth/Space Science while developing my craft.

After my first career in Recreation and Leisure as an event planner I came back to education to pursue a more fundamentally, meaningful career teaching science in order to make a difference in our world and our planet. My students are amazing and exciting people to work with who also inspired me to want to be a part of the Spaceward Bound Program. I hope to bring all that I experience into my classroom this spring when teaching about space and the outer limits of our universe by capturing and relaying the environmental science and technology essence of Spaceward Bound.

Currently I am participating in the Nevada Middle School Climate Change, Education and Outreach Program through both the Nevada System of Higher Education Climate Change Infrastructure and the University of Las Vegas Nevada. I look forward to using new and innovative lessons to help grow new scientists and to inspire students to take an active interest in science careers and educational pursuits.


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