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photo of Jacqueline Benitez
Jacqueline Benitz
Physics / Astronomy
San Francisco State University
Spaceward Bound Mojave 2010

HI, I am Jacqueline Benitez. I am a physics / astronomy student at San Francisco State University. I grew up in Southern California and came to San Francisco for school and to live closer to my sister and nephews. My passion is astronomy. I work at the SFSU Observatory teaching students about the sky, the stars, and how they look through the telescopes. I have developed a program for the SFSU observatory for high school physics students. The students learn about the night sky, what cosmological objects we see in the sky, how to use a star wheel and have the opportunity to look through the telescopes at the observatory.

While I have been at SFSU, I have primarily studied physics and astronomy. I know that all the sciences overlap very often. I would like to experience and learn about how the sciences overlap and work with each other. I can?t wait to see you all in the Mojave Desert.

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