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Spaceward Bound Expedition: Mojave 2008

Special Notice:

We will have two Australian high school teachers joining us in the Mojave!  
They are sponsored by Mars Society Australia (
Check out the website to learn more about them!

Group photo

Journals and Photos are being posted at

Training Sessions:

Session 4:
Date: March 21, 2008
Presenters: Liza Coe, Jim Niewnow and Rakesh Mogul
-- Jim Niewnow, Valdosta State University -- Presentation Slides
-- Rakesh Mogul -- California State Polytechnic University, Pomona -- Presentation Slides

Session 3:
Date: March 14, 2008
Presenters: Liza Coe, Penny Boston, Rob Fulton
-- Digital version of Lecture 3
-- Liza Coe's Slides
-- Penny Boston (New Mexico Tech) -- Presentation Slides
--Rob Fulton (Manager, CSU Desert Studies Center, Zzyzx) -- Zzyzx Presentation Slides (236.5 M zipped)
Preparation: Read "What's Up Down There? Microbial Diversity in Caves" (.pdf document)
A great find from one of our SFSU students..."an interesting example of bringing science into the classroom"
Questions to
Penny Boston that may be of interest to the whole group

Session 2:
March 7, 2008
Presenters: Liza Coe (NASA)
Liza Coe's Slides
-- Similarities & Differences between Scientists and Teachers (Word Document)
-- Digital version of Lecture 2
--Brown, S. and C. Melear (2007). "Preservice Teachers' Research Experiences in Scientists' Laboratories." Journal of
      Science Teacher Education 18
(4): 573-597.
-- van Driel, J. H., N. Verloop, et al. (1998). "Developing Science Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge." Journal of
      Research in Science Teaching
36(6): 673-695.
-- Varelas, M., R. House, et al. (2005). "Beginning Teachers Immersed into Science: Scientist and Science Teacher
      Identities." Science Education 89(3): 492-516.

Session 1
Date: Feb.29, 2008 1:00 pm
Presenters: Liza Coe (NASA) and Elaine Bryant (SJSU)
Handouts: What To Bring
Liza Coe's Slides
Elaine Bryant's Slides
Digital version of Lecture 1
-- Methods of studying soil microbial diversity printed.pdf
Jacek's Images from the Atacama Desert and Mars
Vareles paper available in hard copy only
-- Recommended Reading: Biological Soil Crusts

Biographies of Participants:

Pamela Barrett - Teacher Credential Student - Science, San Francisco State University
Penelope Boston - Geomicrobiologist, New Mexico Tech
Elaine Bryant - Biological Sciences, San Jose State University
Liza Coe - Educator, NASA Ames Education Division
Linda Conrad - Education Technology Team, NASA Ames
Stephanie Cunningham - Biology Student, San Francisco State University
Jane Curnutt - California State University, San Bernardino
Brian Day - Education Technology Team, NASA Ames
Tony Dunn - Undergraduate Student - Science, San Francisco State University
Dina Flamik - Chemistry Student, San Francisco State University

Lauren Fletcher - Biological Sciences Design Engineer, NASA Ames
Ashley Gam - Teacher Credential Student - Science, San Francisco State University
Mark Gargano - High School Teacher and Science Coordinator, St Joseph's School, Northam, W. Australia
Fatma Hendri - Physics Student, San Francisco State University
Parunee Kaosayapandhu - Teaching Credential Student, Mathematics, San Francisco State University
Monika Kress - Professor of Astronomy, San Jose State University
Nicole Lacount - Teacher Credential Student - Biology, San Francisco State University
Chris McKay - Planetary Scientist, NASA Ames; Expedition Lead
John Mitsinikos - Teacher, Science, Physics and Mathematics Strathmore Secondary College in Melbourne
Rakesh Mogul - Assistant Professor, Chemistry, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Jamie Molaro- Physics Student, San Francisco State University
Justina Montez - Math and Science Teacher Initiative Fellow,Biochemistry, San Francisco State University
Jay Nadeau - Assistant Professor, McGill University, Canada
Jim Nienow - Biology, Valdosta State University
Rafferty Pendery - Videographer, Thermographer, Hot Air Balloon Crew Chief
Mohsen Shamai - Biochemistry Student, San Francisco State University
Jennifer Small -- Studio Manager, Orange Photography
Mike Spilde - Cave Research Scientist
Henry Sun - Microbiologist, Desert Research Institute/Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
Bill Taylor - Physics Teacher

Jim Thompson - Cave Research Scientist
Lori Ann White - Writer, Physics Student, San Francisco State University
J. Judson Wynne - Cave Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey-Southwest Biological Science Center


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