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Photo of Lori Ann White with scorpion on mouth
Lori Ann White
Writer, Physics Student
San Francisco State University

Spaceward Bound Mojave 2008

Hi.  I'm Lori Ann White.  I'm a writer with a degree in English from the University of Idaho.  After fifteen years as a technical writer I decided to go back to school to study physics so I can write about science.  I originally intended to focus on astronomy, but sometimes to get to the fun stuff you have to work your way through the boring basics.  Or so I thought.

I've discovered that it's all fun.  

I'm going to the Mojave Desert to study extremophiles--critters that like extreme environments--but I think a little bit of extremophile is good for people, too.  I love to travel and try new things, but the easiest way to keep my life exciting is to keep learning.  For example, my husband Gary is a fascinating project worthy of a lifetime of study, and I'm honored to have been selected as his principle investigator. I've given up on ever understanding my cats.  

By the way, I did eat that scorpion dangling from my mouth in the picture above, during a banquet at the Shaolin Temple where I was studying kung fu.

Remember, the word is "extremophile."

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