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photo of bill taylor with his wife in Hawaii

Bill Taylor
Physics Teacher
Spaceward Bound Mojave 2008

Hi, I am Bill Taylor, I am a physics teacher in San Francisco, where I live with my wife Emily (we were married last summer – we are one of those “7-7-7” couples you read about). 

Currently, I am a 6th year Teacher of physics at Drew School in San Francisco.  This independent school has about 250 students of varying skill levels and talent in science and mathematics.  In my previous career I worked in the data communications sector of the IT industry for 24 years as a Software Engineer and Product Manager developing large-scale telecommunications products, most recently in the wireless arena. 

Teaching is a second career for me.  Being a life-long learner (I didn’t want to be one – I just can’t help it) I resigned my position as Product Manager in 2001 and began life anew.  Little did I know that being a teacher made me even more interested in learning!  Now I am really hooked on learning. 

That’s where Spaceward Bound comes in.  A lifelong dream of mine is to be a scientist (which isn’t going to happen) but is looks like I will get closer than ever with this program. 

Favorite Quote – “Nothing is good nor bad, but thinking makes it so” – Hamlet

Favorite Music – Beethoven Late String Quartets.  I made my career(s) using math & science, but music kept me human.  Therefore, music was the most important thing I learned in high school. 

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