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Rafferty Pendery doing

Rafferty Pendery
Videographer, Video Editor, Thermographer
Hot Air Balloon Crew Chief
Spaceward Bound Mojave 2007, Mojave 2008, Pavilion Lake 2008,

Rafferty Pendery is the founder and CEO of Studio98, an offline and online marketing company. His clients include many large organizations and universities. Rafferty's roles with Spaceward Bound have been:

2007 Spaceward Bound - Mojave
Hot Air Balloon Crew Chief – The hot air balloon was being used for airborne thermography to find cave openings. This methodology is something that could possibly be used in an environment such as Mars. Rafferty was responsible for getting the balloon set up, taken down and managing the team of 4 people under him.

2008 Spaceward Bound - Mojave
Thermography – Rafferty helped Jim Thompson with thermography of lava tubes in the Mojave. This included a 24 hour continuous (1 shot every 10 minutes), shoot to find the ideal time to thermograph for cave openings in a climate like Mojave.

Image Analysis of soil crust – He worked with a few of the members of the team on working out an image analysis process to get a greater contrast between soil crust and the soil around it.

Video Production – Rafferty helped film and produce videos from different scientists involved on the Spaceward Bound project. 

2008 Spaceward Bound - Pavilion Lake
Rafferty Pendery shot interviews with many of the participants of PLRP as well as scientific documentation footage showing the research being done at Pavilion Lake for use by the scientists and their affiliated groups. Rafferty also edited the footage for different participants for their use in presenting the program. Some examples of the footage being used:

NASA Spaceward Bound PLRP 2008 Website

PLRP Website Features the Darlene Lim "Welcome to Pavilion Lake 2008" video

UC Davis Story "‘Living rocks’ in lake may give clues to life on other planets" by Andy Fell

Professional Associations

Member of the Mars Society
Member of the National Speleological Society - #60061
Member of the Royal Geographical Society
SSI Dive Control Specialist In-Training


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