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photo of Parunee Kaosayapandhu
Parunee Kaosayapandhu
Teaching Credential Student, Mathematics
San Francisco State University

Spaceward Bound Mojave 2011

I am a single subject credential student in mathematics at San Francisco State University. I graduated from University of California San Diego in electrical engineering. I always fascinated by science and math since I was young. It such a great fun trying to find the solution of any question.   

My area of expertise is mathematics. Why math? Actually it is part of solving the hypotheses. We have to use it in our daily living.

I grew up with my little sister in Thailand. Since we are 5 years apart, I usually coached her with her homework. It was fun see my sister learning how to solve an equation. It made me proud of myself. During my undergrate studies, I also had a chance to be a tutor for my friends. After graduation, instead of working as an engineer, I changed to the profession I will enjoy.

I believe being a good teacher requires lots of experience in many ways. Spacewardbound Mojave will be a great experience for me to learn and know people from different career fields -- an opportunity to work with scientists in the field and bring back this experience to my classroom. I think it will help me create a pedagogy that will illustrate problem solving, critical thinking and basic skills within the context of meaningful, real-life experiences.  

Other than school, I love to travel, cook, and eat!           
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