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Photo of Ashely Gam with Elephant in the background

Ashley Gam
Teacher Credential Student - Science
San Francisco State University
Spaceward Bound Mojave 2008

I'm a teacher credential student at SFSU. I look forward to teaching middle school and high school science. As a credential student I am interested in learning about teaching strategies/curriculum development that facilitate inquiry and the development of formal operations thinking in science classrooms. I am very excited to bring research into classrooms, promote discussion of current research, and make science career pathways visible to students.

I graduated from Oberlin College in the spring 2007 with a major in biology. Here I became fascinated with behavioral ecology and conducted research using American Goldfinches. I believe that my research interests in behavioral ecology and commitment to secondary science education will work symbiotically in my career.

My 'extra-curricular activities' include open water swimming in San Francisco Bay and rock climbing. I have recently discovered the benefits of gardening.  


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