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photo of Naomi Volain

Naomi Volain
Teacher, High School Biology

I'm a high school Biology teacher, now in my ninth year of teaching in an inner city high school, and am currently teaching Biology, Botany, Ecology and next year, Advanced Placement Environmental Science. I grew up in New York with the American Museum of Natural History on the horizon and with a backyard field and woods to explore, sparking a life-long love and interest in science and nature. 

As a Registered Dietitian, my background is in Clinical Nutrition. I also worked in pharmaceutical advertising as a copywriter before turning to the family friendly teaching career, so I could also be with other young people, all day long. Meanwhile, I married Barry the electronic engineer and guitarist, and now follow the antics of our 3 teenagers; our oldest, a freshman Sports Management major at the University of Massachusetts, our high school junior, an Eagle Scout, now taking flying lessons, and our daughter, who prefers heights as she rock climbs and dives.

To prepare for research in the Mojave Desert with Spaceward Bound Expedition, I've sought extreme experiences in my outdoor life and with my students, hiking, biking, whale watching, rocket launching, insect collecting, and cloud observing, and traveling as much as possible.

To bring myself to a place of ultimate exploration, I applied to become one of the Educator Astronaut Corps, but fate intervened, and instead I became a member of NASA's Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers. With NEAT, I've been able to borrow one of our national treasures, the lunar rocks, have had awesome opportunities to work with outstanding educators while exploring all of NASA's resources here on earth. Looking forward to continuing the adventure!


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